What Are We?

Everything Backyard is your backyard’s new best friend…

Make peace with your patio, learn to landscape like a pro and read up on all the things you should know about to turn your yard from an eyesore to your own personal escape.

Our Goals

Everything Backyard proudly serves up daily content to help our readers get the scoop on products for your backyard, get inspired to revamp their outdoor living space and to share their ideas with others.

Who We Are

 Craig Scott​​​​ 


I love to spend all the time I can outdoors and find every excuse to leave my house. I write about everything from backyard DIY projects to gardening. If you can't get a hold of me I am probably on a trail or a boat.

I spend my time in my garden trying to create the greatest outdoor space possible. My garden is my happy place and where you will always find me on a nice day. I take my experience and share it here for you to read!

Bonnie Enos