How to Grow a Fruit Tree

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To grow a fruit tree, you need to be diligent, determined, and motivated. Spring is in the air and that means fresh flowers and blossoms. This might entice you to try to grow a fruit tree. However, fruit trees can be hard to grow. When you buy a sapling, which you can buy at any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, it requires a lot of care and attention. What most people don’t realize is that lot of planning needs to take place to ensure that your tree grows. It’ll be so worth it when you have your very own fruit in your own yard ripe for the plucking! Let’s go over how to grow a fruit tree. In a few years your yard will be a cornucopia of your family’s favorite fruit.

Choosing the Planting Site

When choosing a planting site there are a lot of things that you need to consider. When the tree grows to maturity will it interfere with any sewer or power lines? Does the site get a lot of sunlight? When the branches grow will they interfere with anything in the surrounding area? Will the tree have easy access to water at the planting site? These are just some of the things to consider when choosing a site to grow a fruit tree.

Digging the Planting Site

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Dig a hole about twice the width and depth of the roots of your sapling. This makes a great foundation for the tree. As the years go by it allows ample space for the roots. Then the roots can spread out and stabilize itself quicker.

Filling the Planting Site

Plant the tree in the center of the hole. Hold the tree above the ground a couple of inches while someone else starts to fill the hole back up with dirt. Place the dirt that was dug out near the top of the ground, in the hole first. The soil at the top of the ground is more fertile and it is easier for the roots to get into. During this process, make sure that the tree is straight up and down. It should not be leaning towards either side. After the hole is filled back up with dirt, tamp the dirt with your foot to remove air pockets in the soil. This allows all the roots to be surrounded by soil. Doing this gives the roots a better chance of creating a stable anchor for the tree. After the tree is planted, make sure you prune the branches and water the tree thoroughly. The pruning will help the tree’s growth and fruit production, so don’t skip this important step!

Summing Up

To grow a fruit tree, you have to be dedicated and willing to spend a lot of time watering it and caring for it, without cutting corners. If you can stick with it and be diligent with your watering and pruning, I can guarantee you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

Image Source: Pixabay

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