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    I know you’re busy with, so I’ll keep this brief.

    My name is Jackie, and I spent over a decade working in property management and real estate. I found you via httpss://

    I left property management to spend more time in my own home with my kids. Currently, I work as a freelance writer for a professional conveyancing business. I work with their experienced team to produce a range of articles and resources that offer useful information for home buyers.

    Did you know that children have the highest risk of being injured in the home? As a mother, freelance writer and former real estate worker, my proposal is to write an article for you which covers how to make a home childproof.

    The piece will highlight simple, cheap and effective changes that could save lives. My work is always fully referenced and fact checked, I’m also happy to work on a pro-bono basis for you.

    Would you be interested? Do let me know as I’d love to work with you.

    With warm regards


  2. Hi there,

    I know that you’re busy with, so I’ll keep this brief.

    My name is Karoline. I worked for many years as a cleaner, but left when I realized I could have more of an impact as a freelance writer. I now spend my time helping others to achieve a perfect clean. One of my areas of expertise is the kitchen.

    Did you know that your kitchen is probably dirtier than your toilet seat? It is here, where food is prepared, that you are most likely to become ill from germs. I spend some of my time doing content management for a growing dishwasher website, and I write about these issues all the time. With my many years of experience, I can provide simple tips to help your readers achieve a safe and hygienic kitchen.

    What do you think? I can provide a piece of original and exclusive content for, tailored to your audience. All I ask is that you keep in my references to ensure that the piece has complete credibility and provides genuinely useful advice to your readers.

    Are you interested? Do let me know if you’d like to work with me.

    With warm regards

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