Outdoor Shower Ideas to Add in Your Yard

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During the summer months, taking a shower outside can bring you great pleasure. It can also save you money if you want to utilize solar power. One of my favorite things about an outdoor shower is feeling the natural air surround me as I take a shower in the privacy of an outdoor shower stall. I am going to share with you some creative ideas for building your own outdoor shower and discuss the materials to use and the cost associated with this project. Just think of how fun and relaxing it will be to take a shower outside in the comforts of your own backyard

Creative Shower Ideas

If you want to build an outdoor shower, you are not alone. Many people want to bathe themselves in a new environment, especially during the hot summer months. But one problem may arise: what style do you want? What outdoor shower idea makes you excited the most? Which outdoor shower design will fit your needs? Which outdoor shower makes you feel inspired? For some, the idea of an outdoor shower itself is thrilling and you don’t really care what style you install. But for others that have done the research on all the different types of showers, they will never be satisfied with an outdoor shower until they install the one they love the most. In this section, I am going to go over many creative outdoor shower ideas that will hopefully inspire you to build your own. Enjoy!

Plant Outdoor Shower

For those who love plants, this outdoor shower is for you. Surrounded by plants, this outdoor shower will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Not only will you love taking a shower in this beautiful outdoor shower, but your plants will love the moisture as well. A nice feature about this shower is that instead of lining up pots that could get stepped on, the plants are hung in a vertical garden design. Make sure you choose plants that love moisture because they will receive a lot of moisture in an outdoor shower.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Privacy Wall Shower

Outdoor showers do not offer much privacy and may leave you wondering how to build your own privacy fence. But not all outdoor showers have to be this way. A privacy wall outdoor shower certainty is not included as one of these. As you can see, the wall that the shower is connected to is very tall and another wall was built to make this shower feel more like a room. From the inside, this outdoor shower is very creative and unique, but from the outside people would assume it is just a privacy wall.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Outdoor Pool Shower

This outdoor shower is actually near a backyard swimming pool, which makes it very convenient for swimmers who want to get washed off before going inside. There is also a toilet and sink in this type of outdoor shower. This type of outdoor shower is nice for people who will be hosting pool parties since it allows swimmers to use the restroom without walking through the house. As you can see, this outdoor pool shower was made on the side of a house. This means you only need to build two or three walls in order to provide privacy since the house wall has already been built.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Easy DIY Outdoor Shower Fixtures

If you do not have plumbing in the area where you want to build your outdoor shower, or don’t have the perfect shower head like the previous showers do, then you may want to try this outdoor shower idea. It is very simple and can be made very quickly. As you can see, the first images show that you can use a tin can as a shower head that is connected to a hose. The second image shows that instead of using plumbing, you can simply use a bucket and hose. Both the bucket and the tin can is designed with holes to let water through.

Photo Credit: A Piece of Rainbow

Splash of Turquoise

Some people think of outdoor showers as rustic wooden shower stalls or outdoor shower with plain white walls. Although this type of outdoor shower can be just as effective and pretty, it is also fun to add a splash of color to your shower. As you can see in the picture, the owner added turquoise to the shower. With the turquoise tiles lining the back of the shower, this outdoor shower is anything but ordinary. If you don’t want to use turquoise tiles, try using a different color that you like. The point is to be creative.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Rock Wall Shower

This shower is once again very creative and refreshing. Built in a sunny area, anyone who uses this shower will not get cold as long as the sun is out on a warm day because the rocks will help to heat the shower area. A nice feature that makes this outdoor shower extra pretty is the rock wall. It offers both privacy and beauty and adds a natural look to the outdoor shower. The platform on the ground allows you to keep from getting your feet muddy while the water has a place to drain. You can easily make a platform like this by using a wood pallet.

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

If you have decided to install an outdoor shower, the next big question is this:  Do you want to install it yourself or hire a professional? Some outdoor showers are easy to install, such as the outdoor shower that uses a bucket instead of a spigot. But once you start trying to install plumbing, things can get complicated. Although you may think you are saving money by installing it yourself, this is not always true. If a mistake is made while installing it, you may end up spending more money later fixing it than you would pay a professional to install it correctly in the first place. If you do decide to build your own outdoor shower, be careful and perhaps ask a plumber for advice.

Photo Credit: DIY Network

How to Build Your Own Outdoor Shower

How you build an outdoor shower is going to depend on what type of shower you want. It also will greatly depend upon if you will be using conventional plumbing that is connected to your house water supply or if you will be building a solar shower. I am going to share a very basic building plan for making a simple solar shower. This is an easy plan that will not involve any plumbing background or help from a professional plumber.

Solar Shower Construction

  1.  Set four treated wooden posts in the ground approximately three feet apart to form a square. This will be the shower stall that will provide you with privacy for your showers. You can make your posts further apart if you’d like a larger shower area. Make sure that you dig each hole at least 30 inches deep for each post. Use a level to make sure that your posts are standing plum on all sides. Tamp in your posts.
  2. Next, use treated two by fours or wider wood to make your shower slats that will run horizontally around the shower. Screw in your slats to the posts. You can leave little or no gap depending on the privacy that you want.
  3. Next comes the easy part. Remember I told you this was a simple plan! Buy a camp shower that you hang. It will be inexpensive and can hang on one of the posts. Remember to buy posts tall enough that will allow for the 30 inches in the ground and will be tall enough to go over your head to hang your camp bag shower. A simple hook should suffice for the shower hanging.
  4. Use a wooden pallet for the base where you will be standing, or simply stand on the grass if you build this in a grassy area.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Best Materials to Use

  • Treated Wood: Always use wood that can withstand water when making an outdoor shower. Not only will the wood get wet from the shower water, but it will also be exposed to weather elements outside.
  • Stone: There are many different types of stone that you can choose from when constructing an outdoor shower.
  • Tile: Depending on what kind and where you buy your tile, prices will vary greatly. If you are wanting to build an outdoor shower on a tight budget, look into used tile. Many towns have a restore or surplus store where you can repurpose used tile.

Average Cost to Build an Outdoor Shower

The average cost to build an outdoor shower will really depend on what type of shower you build. For a basic solar shower, you will spend approximately $100 for all of the supplies needed. For a shower that requires plumbing, you may spend several hundred dollars. This also will depend upon how elaborate you make your shower stall.


An outdoor shower can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like it to be. I have shared with you fun, creative ideas along with how to build your own shower. This article discussed the cost of an outdoor shower along with the best materials to use. Remember, if it gets too intimidating, you can always make a simpler outdoor shower rather than an elaborate one. Any outdoor shower is better than no outdoor shower. Have fun and just think about all of the uses that you will get using your new outdoor shower.

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