14 Unique Mailbox Ideas to Make Your Home Stand Out

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The mailbox is an important part of your home.  With it you receive packages, you can send packages, and it can make your home look extra nice.  Unfortunately, sometimes mailboxes are neglected and can soon become damaged from the weather.  If your mailbox is no longer looking as nice as it use to, it may be time to do a mailbox makeover.  In this article I’ll be going over fourteen unique mailbox ideas. Hopefully this article helps you find a creative mailbox idea that will fit your needs. Enjoy!

Mini House Mailbox

Want your mailbox to match your house?  Try making this creative mailbox.  Keep in mind that you’ll want to ask your postmaster if this mailbox will work for your home.  According to the person who made this mailbox, there has to be a flag on it, it has to keep the mail dry, and the door has to be easy to open.  If your mailbox does all that, you’re set to install it.  Get the tutorial for the mini house tutorial.

Image Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Brick Post

Sometimes you don’t have to find a unique looking mailbox.  Instead, you can make a unique looking post.  You can easily make your mailbox post look like it is brick by sliding a brick mailbox kit over a wooden post.  So the post is actually made from wood, but it looks like it is brick.  Because the post looks so nice, you don’t have to go overboard with buying a nice-looking mailbox.  Get the tutorial for the brick post tutorial.

Image Source: Beneath My Heart

Horseshoe Mailbox

Do you have some extra horseshoes that you’re not sure what to do with?  Try making this easy DIY mailbox project.  All you do is nail horseshoes onto the post your mailbox is hanging on.  As you can see in the photo, if you want you can landscape around the mailbox.  One such way to landscape around the mailbox is to put a metal tub around the post and plant some flowers in it. This will definitely boost your curb appeal, and will give your house a country look.

Image Source: House Of Joyful Noise

Horse Mailbox

Anyone who loves horses will probably love this mailbox.  You can buy mailboxes like this at The Mailbox Ranch.  The Mailbox Ranch also sells cat mailboxes, dog mailboxes, bird mailboxes, and farm animal mailboxes.

Image Source: The Mailbox Ranch

Duct Tape Makeover

Did you know that you can easily make your mailbox look nice again by duct taping it?  Well, you can.  All you need to do is pick out some colorful duct tape and tape on creative designs.

Image Source: Joyful Daisy

Wooden House Mailbox

Once again, this is another mailbox that looks like a house.  It is made from wood and it is more simple than the other house-looking mailbox I went over.  This is a great mailbox to make if you are wanting something simple and easy to make.  You can get the tutorial for the wooden house mailbox tutorial .

Image Source: Four Generations One Roof

DIY Up-Cycled Pallet Mailbox

Are you the kind of person that loves to up-cycle items, you may find this DIY mailbox to be just what you’re looking for.  In the front, there is a small slit so that the mailman can slide newspapers and letters in.  In the back, there is a door that opens so that larger boxes can get put in.  This is very easy to make.  Find out how to make this pallet mailbox.

Image Source: On A Crafty Adventure

Two Levels of Flowers

Sometimes all you need to do to improve the look of your mailbox is add some flowers.  In this photo, you can see that there is a pot placed up high on the post, an there are flowers planted down low.  Keep in mind that if there is a really strong wind, the flower pot on top of the post may blow off unless somehow it is screwed onto the post.  The lower flowers, however, are more permanent.  

Image Source: Flowerbeds And Gardens

Stone Mailbox with Street Light

If you are wanting a majestic looking mailbox, this is the one to get.  The mailbox is built into the bricks, and a street lamp is placed on top of it.  As you can see in the background, this mailbox idea matches the garage.  

Image Source: Diamond Certified

Fancy Mailbox with Scripted Accent

Wanting your mailbox to look fancier?  Consider this mailbox option.  It is on a tall white post with a white ball on top.  The mailbox has a little roof over it so that the mailbox resembles a house.  There are two spots for mail to go:  You can open the door and put larger boxes in there or you could slide newspapers and letters underneath it in the little slot.  Of course, the pot of flowers add extra beauty to this mailbox.  Click here to learn more about this beautiful mailbox. 

Image Source: Redhead Can Decorate

Box Shaped Mailbox

If you are looking for something that will stand out in your yard, this unique mailbox may be exactly what you’re looking for.  It is simple and easy to build, and it definitely looks creative.  Find out more about how you can make this mailbox

Image Source: Modfrugal

Bicycle Mailbox

This is just another idea of the many ways you can use old bicycles.  From placing them in gardens to hanging them in a living room, bicycles have been used to decorate yards for many years.  And it turns out that bicycles can also be used as a place to hold your mail.  All you do is put part of the bicycle into the ground and secure the mailbox to the back of it.  Landscaping is extra, but it does look nice with the flowers growing up around the wheels.  So go to your garage and start looking for a bike that you haven’t used in a while.  This mailbox idea is simply adorable and will surely spruce up your curb appeal.  

Image Source: Home BNC

Vintage Western Mailbox

A mailbox doesn’t have to be brand new in order to look nice.  This rusty mailbox combined with the old wagon wheel makes this mailbox have a vintage look.  In addition to a vintage look, it is also western.  If you have always dreamed of having a western home, this mailbox will help make your dream come true.  And a bonus is that you can use your old mailbox to make it.  

Image Source: Pinterest

Decorate the Inside

The outside isn’t the only part of a mailbox that needs decorated.  The inside looks nicer when it is decorate with colorful paper or paint.  It is so easy to decorate the inside of your mailbox.  All you need is scrapbook paper, outdoor mod podge, a foam brush, and of course a mailbox.  First, choose what pattern you want the scrapbook paper to have.  After you have chosen what design you want the scrapbook  paper to be, cover the inside of our mailbox with a layer of mod podge. Only apply the mod podge in the areas that you’ll want the paper to be.  So if you don’t want paper to be on top of the mailbox (inside), then don’t use mod podge there.  

Once all the mod podge is applied, carefully place the scrapbook paper in place.  Beforehand, you should measure your mailbox so that you know how big each piece of paper must be.  After all the paper is in, apply another layer of mod podge.  Wait about 24 hours before you put the mailbox back outside.  That way the mod podge will have a chance to dry.  Now each time you open your mailbox you will be greeted by a beautiful design.  And I’m sure your mailman will be pleased with the interior of the mailbox too.  

Image Source: Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Benefits of Making Your Mailbox Stand Out

Are there any benefits to trying these unique mailboxes?  Yes, there are.  Here is a simple list of some reasons why your mailbox should look nice instead of falling apart:

  • First, unique mailboxes improve your curb appeal.  The old saying may be that good fences make good neighbors, but in this case it is good mailboxes make good neighbors.  Your neighbors will not talk negatively about your home, and people that drive past your home will be impressed.  
  • Second, a good looking mailbox will make a good first impression on guests.  Each time guests come to your home, they will probably comment on how nice your mailbox looks.  Besides, your mailbox is a great way to give directions to your house.  Simply say, “My house is the one with a decorative mailbox.”
  • The mailbox is where you receive mail.  It is the mailbox that protects your packages from the rain and weather.  Therefore, you should take good care of it.  

These are just three simple reasons why a pretty mailbox should be added to your home.  Your mailbox will be noticed by many people who drive by your home, so you want to keep it looking nice.  

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for mailbox ideas to spruce up your curb appeal?  You have come to the right place.  Today I went over fourteen different mailbox ideas that will make your house look lovely.  Some of them require a new mailbox, while others can be used by old mailboxes to create a vintage look.  Whichever mailbox idea you choose, you will most likely be pleased with the look of your new mailbox.  Have fun deciding among these fourteen creative mailbox ideas.  Your neighbors and mailman will be pleased, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased too.  

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