3 Creative Ways to Up-Cycle Your Recyclables

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Humans go through a lot of plastic. There are so many things that we use that come in a plastic bottle. There are water bottles, laundry detergent containers, soda bottles, lotion bottles, shampoo bottles, and many more. Recycling is important because it gives old plastic a new purpose without being wasted. Another way to do this is to use your old plastic recyclables and create something new out of them. Here are 3 creative ways to up-cycle your recyclables.

Supply Containers

You can use old soda or water bottles to create a supply cup that your kids can use. Just cut off the top, it’s as simple as that. You can put pens, pencils, markers, or crayons inside of them. Keep the top that you cut off so you can have a lid for your container. These containers work great for car trips so your kids can color while you drive. They’re little portable art kits. You can also put snacks into the containers for easier traveling. You can have your kids help you decorate the containers as well. Puffy paint works well on plastic containers and looks adorable. Have your kids write their names with puffy paint on their containers.


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Recycled Planter

Use an old 2-liter soda bottle to creative an indoor or outdoor planter. All you need to do is cut off the bottom third of the bottle. Soda bottles have the little stands on the bottom so they don’t tip over, this also works great for planters because they won’t tip over and spill your plant. Paint and decorate your planter any way you want it. You can really get creative and do anything you want! Then put soil and the plant of your choosing inside it.


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Piggy Bank

You can make a cute piggy bank from old water bottles. The lid of the piggy bank will be the nose of the pig. You can draw little nostrils on the lid to make it look like a pig. Then draw eyes on the water bottle. Make little ears out of paper and glue them on your piggy bank. Cut the water bottle in half so that it isn’t so long. Cut the bottom of the bottle off of the half you cut off, and put the bottom of the bottle back onto your piggy. This way the piggy is much shorter. Decorate your piggy bank and put little feet on him so he stands upright. Don’t forget to put a slot at the top for your coins as well. You can paint your pig or leave it transparent so you can see how much you’ve saved up.


Image Source: All Free Crafts

Summing Up

Before you toss away your old plastic bottles, consider creating something new and fun! Your kids would love helping you create something that you both could enjoy. Consider making a fun piggy bank for your kids to save up their money. Or maybe they want to make a planter that they can design and paint themselves. Whatever you want to make can be done. There are so many different things to make out of your recyclables. You can be creative and have fun, while helping the planet out a little.

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