6 Gorgeous Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture Items to Consider

1 recycled plastic garden furniture set

Do you usually enjoy recycling? Are you a fan of recycled furniture? Then you must consider some recycled plastic garden furniture items for your backyard. Not only are they great for the environment, but they also look extremely good. Whether you’re interested in completely changing the look of your garden or backyard by buying all new recycled plastic furniture, or you’re just looking for a couple of recycled plastic garden furniture items to complement the furniture that you already own, today’s article is going to make you happy. We’ve devised a list of 6 beautiful recycled plastic garden furniture items you should consider purchasing.

6 Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture Items to Keep in Mind

1. Highwood Weatherly Garden Chair

The first furniture item made of recycled plastic that we want to talk about today is this gorgeous garden chair from Highwood. As expected, it’s eco-friendly and made from proprietary materials. It can stand as much as 500 lbs, which means it’s quite sturdy and durable. The material is also fade resistant, so you can leave the chair in the sun without worrying that its color is going to fade in time. The manufacturer assembled it using 304 grade stainless steel hardware which doesn’t only add to its sturdiness, but also to its low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about taking extra care of it when it rains or during more extreme weather conditions.

chair made out of recycled plastic, recycled plastic garden furniture

You can find it in 7 different colors, black, white, Charleston green, coastal teak, toffee, weathered acorn, and whitewash. It also has a 12-year warranty for residential use and a 2-year warranty for commercial use. It doesn’t come with a cushion, but you have the option of decorating it the way you like by adding a colorful pillow or a fluffy blanket. If you’re interested in reading reviews of this recycled plastic garden chair, you can find some here.

2. Highwood Weatherly Rocking Chair

Another chair from Highwood, one of the best recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers, this one is designed for people who enjoy rocking back and forth when they relax in their chair. This chair has the same main characteristics as the previous one. It’s made from proprietary materials, it’s has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, it’s fade resistant, durable, sturdy, low-maintenance, and it comes with the same type of warranty. You’re going to have to assemble the chair yourself, but the process is extremely easy. It also doesn’t require any experience, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

rocking chair for the garden, recycled plastic garden furniture

The color options are the same as the ones for the Highwood weatherly garden chair. There’s only one addition, the gorgeous Nantucket blue color. This chair is extremely comfortable despite the fact that it doesn’t come with padding. It has rounded edges which protect you from hurting yourself while sitting in it. All in all, it’s the perfect garden chair for relaxation purposes, mostly due to its rocking motion. Read reviews of it here.

3. POLYWOOD Patio Furniture Chippendale Bench

Another manufacturer that specializes in recycled plastic garden furniture items, Polywood, has several exquisite options for you to choose from. One of these options is this outdoor furniture Chippendale bench, which comes in black, white, green, mahogany, and sand. It’s made out of recycled polywood lumber and it has stainless steel hardware for the assembly. It’s 48-inches wide, 24-inches deep, and 35-inches tall, which means that it’s capable of accommodating three people. This means it’s great for people who want to provide their garden or backyard with some extra sitting areas.

bench for the garden, recycled plastic garden furniture

An interesting thing we have to mention about this bench is that it’s painted with UV stabilized colors. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means you won’t have to paint it, waterproof it, strip it, or resurface it in order to make it look better. It will continue to look as great for years to come. This also means cleaning it is really easy. All you need is some water and soap. Finally, we also like the fact that the seat and the back of the bench are contoured. This means they provide you with a really comfortable sitting experience. You can find reviews of this product here.

4. Highwood Lehigh Porch Swing

Have you been looking for a porch swing that can be both comfortable and environment-friendly? Then you might want to check this one out. It comes from the same manufacturer we discussed above, Highwood, and it’s one of the most gorgeous porch swings you could purchase. It comes in 7 color options that are black, white, Charleston green, toffee, coastal teak, whitewash, and weathered acorn. These options ensure that you’ll find the swing to fit your landscaping needs. You also have two size options, which are 4 feet or 5 feet. So if you feel like you don’t have that much room available for a full-size swing, you can always choose the smaller one.

porch swing for the outdoors, recycled plastic garden furniture

This porch swing is extremely resistant, due to the material it’s made of and the chain you’re going to use to hang it. Speaking of the chain, it’s included in the price of the swing, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra. It’s also zinc plated, so it won’t rust when it rains or snows. The swing is easy to take care of and clean, and weather elements won’t affect it. Even if it doesn’t come with a cushion, it’s still comfortable. You’re going to be able to tell that the moment you sit in it and start swinging. Are you looking forward to purchasing one for yourself? Before doing that, make sure you read some reviews of it here.

5. Highwood Folding Adirondack Ottoman

Who doesn’t need an ottoman in their garden or backyard? In terms of recycled plastic garden furniture items, this one is definitely unique. It’s not something you would expect to see in a garden, but it’s definitely something that could make your stay there much more comfortable and pleasurable. We recommend the folding Adirondack ottoman from Highwood which you can use with their Westport Adirondack, Hamilton, and King Hamilton chairs, and by itself. You can turn your chairs into lounge chairs by adding this ottoman as an extension. You can also simply sit on the ottoman directly when you need some extra sitting space in your garden or backyard.

white recycled plastic ottoman, recycled plastic garden furniture

The versatility of this recycled plastic garden furniture item is not the only thing that makes it an attractive purchase. It’s also made of a durable material which is fade resistant and low maintenance, and it comes with a pretty extensive warranty. Plus, you can take it with you everywhere you go, from the beach to the park. That’s because you can fold it easily and it becomes considerably smaller. This is also useful for storage purposes. So if you want to store it away for the cold season, you know it won’t take up a lot of space. The color options are the same as the Highwood weatherly rocking chair, and the reviews for it can be found right here.

6. Highwood 7-Piece Lehigh Rectangular Dining Set

Even if this is more than a recycled plastic garden furniture item, and a full furniture set, we thought we should also include it in today’s guide since it’s something that you can use for multiple purposes. You should look no further for a gorgeous recycled plastic dining set for your garden or backyard. We found a great option for you! The set contains a rectangular dining table that is 30 inches tall, 4 side chairs, and 2 armchairs. As you might have already guessed, the chairs are very sturdy and they can hold a weight of 500 lbs.

outdoor furniture set for dining, recycled plastic garden furniture

The set is sturdy, durable, low-maintenance, and fade resistant. This is pretty much everything you could want in a recycled plastic garden furniture set. You have to assemble it yourself, but the process doesn’t take long. Plus, once you’re done, you’re going to be able to enjoy the comfort and beauty of this dining set for a long time. It ensures many fun and pleasurable evenings outside, eating a delicious dinner and sipping on a glass of wine in the company of your friends. There’s plenty of room for people to gather around the table, and also for you to deposit things on it. You can choose from the color options that Highwood has available for all their furniture, and check out some reviews of this dining set here.

Summing Everything Up

Everyone who has ever looked for the perfect furniture type for their garden or backyard knows that finding the right one is not easy. We hope today’s list of recycled plastic garden furniture items has convinced you that this type of furniture can be a really interesting choice, not to mention a comfortable and beautiful one as well.

We advise you to start small and purchase one of the options above such as the rocking chair or the ottoman if you’re unsure of whether or not you’re going to enjoy having garden furniture made of recycled plastic. If you already have recycled plastic furniture at home, and we just provided you with some new and cool ideas, feel free to order as many items as you want.

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