Top 6 Gorgeous Porch Swings to Invest in for Endless Comfort and Fun

1 large porch swing with comfortable pillows

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a porch, or if you’d simply like to install a lovely swing in your backyard, you can always purchase a porch swing and get both the comfort of a well-crafted piece of furniture and the fun of childhood memories that involve swing sets. Swings are both functional and beautiful furniture items which can transform a porch into a cozy place to sit and read or enjoy a nice glass of wine on a warm summer evening. Because there are many options of porch swings out there, we decided to gather the best ones and provide you with a detailed guide to each of them. Let’s take a look, shall we?

6 Great Porch Swings to Keep in Mind

1. ROLL BACK Amish Heavy Duty Porch Swing

The first porch swing option that we’d like to present today is available on Amazon for $199.99. This swing is made from kiln-dried pine, it weighs 800 lbs, it’s rust resistant, and more importantly, entirely handcrafted. This is easy to notice from the swing’s spectacular appearance. If you order it, you’ll get a lifetime warranty, plus the added benefit that you won’t have to spend a lot of time installing it. All you have to do is connect the porch swing bed to the back and then secure the arms. The slats are already connected to both the back and the seat.

porch swings

This is one of the most comfortable porch swings you could purchase since it has routered slats. This means that you don’t have to worry about sharp edges that might hurt you. The seat has a rounded design as well, which makes the swing easy to sit on. Apart from being extremely functional and comfortable, this swing is also beautiful. The wood has a light shade, which makes for a really luminous piece of furniture to add to your porch. If you decide to order it, you should know that it also comes with a long chain that allows you to hang it from an 8-foot ceiling.

2. Abba Outdoor Porch Swing Hammock with Steel Frame

If you’re looking for more modern porch swings, then you’re going to love this option. Even if only two people can fit in this swing, the design more than makes up for that. The steel frame is powder-coated and extremely durable, and it’s completed by two comfortable polyester cushions that make sitting in this swing an absolute pleasure. Moreover, the cushions are easy to take care of and clean, so they won’t be something you have to worry about too often.

porch swings

As if this wasn’t enough, this porch swing also has a canopy top that can protect you from extreme sun exposure or rain. Do you need more information to convince you of how great this piece of outdoor furniture is? Then allow us to mention that it also has a teapoy attached to it. You can use it to safely store glasses and cups and not worry that you’re going to spill them all over the cushions. Even though the swing doesn’t come already assembled, the seller includes all the hardware you need to assemble it yourself. Plus, the process is extremely easy. If you’re already thinking about how this swing would look on your porch or in your backyard, then snag it on Amazon for $389.99.


Perhaps one of the most impressive and modern porch swings that you can order on Amazon, this one has so many interesting characteristics that it’s hard to say no to it. For instance, the first thing you should know about it is that it’s made of cypress. This type of wood is well-known for being resistant. The hardware is both galvanized and zinc-plated, which means that you won’t have to worry about rust spoiling the quality of the wood. Its shape is similar to the ROLL BACK Amish Heavy Duty Porch Swing, in that it has rounded edges that contribute to your comfort.

porch swings

The swing weighs 500 lbs and it already comes almost completely installed. This leaves you with the simple task of securing the back, the seat, and the arms together. Its most exciting feature is the fact that it has a flip console right in the middle. You can pull it down when you need a place to hold your drink. You can also choose to leave it up if you need more than two seats in the swing. This quite modern feature incorporated in an otherwise vintage looking porch swing makes this piece of furniture a unique addition to any porch or backyard. If you’re interested in ordering it, you can do that for only $194.99.

4. Coral Coast Soho Wicker Porch Swing

Wicker is one of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture. Consequently, it would be a pity not to contemplate the possibility of porch swings made of wicker. For instance, the model below is a classic example of both a beautiful and functional piece of wicker furniture. It’s made of resin wicker and it also comes with a comfortable beige cushion for extra comfort. The material is weather resistant, so if you want to place it outside, you’re free to do so.

porch swings

The print of the wicker, combined with the color and material of the cushion, provides this swing with an extremely elegant look. This is bound to make your porch the center of attention whenever someone comes to visit. You can order this lovely wicker porch swing from Amazon for the price of $173.63.

5. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing

Are you a fan of vintage pieces of furniture? Were you on the lookout for vintage looking porch swings? Then you’re definitely going to want to snag this one for $185.26 on Amazon. Even though it’s not as large as the other porch swings we’ve presented today, it sure has its charm. It’s made of white cedar, and the material is both weather and insect resistant. So if you live in a place with moody weather and a lot of insects that prey on your outdoor furniture, then this is going to be a perfect addition to your collection.

porch swings

The swing doesn’t have any cushions, but its rounded edges more than make up for that. They provide you with all the comfort you need. We especially like the fact that you can fix it with two sturdy pieces of cedar. This gives the entire structure an even more traditional and vintage look. That’s because it minimizes the amount of hardware you use to assemble it. The overall appearance of this swing gives the impression of something you could stumble upon while taking a walk in the woods. What we mean by that is that it doesn’t look man-made, it looks authentic and rustic.

6. Iron Patio Hanging Porch Swing

Since we’ve discussed porch swings made of wood and wicker, it’s time to also take a look at one made of iron. This model is a very elegant option for your porch. The dark iron provides it with an air of poise and old charm. The finish is powder coated and the iron itself is rust resistant. So you don’t have to worry that if it’s going to rain, this will damage the swing. In fact, this material is quite resistant, so you’ll be able to enjoy your purchase for years to come.

porch swings

Another great benefit of this porch swing is that it’s extremely easy to clean. Since it has no cushions, and it’s not made of wood (which can sometimes dry quite slowly), all you need to do is use a hose to wash it down, or a damp cloth. Then, you won’t have to wait for too long until the swing is completely dry. If you’re worried that the lack of cushions and the hard iron might make it uncomfortable for you to sit in this swing, you should put your worries aside. Its design allows for a very comfortable rest. Moreover, even if the swing is lightweight, you won’t be disturbed by it moving around when the weather is windy. If you’re excited about purchasing it, you can do that by making an order on Amazon for $98.95.

Summing It All Up

Be they made of wood, wicker, or iron, porch swings are a gorgeous addition to any home and yard. One of the greatest things about them is the fact that you can place them both on your porch, and in your backyard or garden. Moreover, they aren’t just a comfortable place to sit and enjoy some time spent outside. They’re also fun, especially for people who used to enjoy swings sets when they were children. We hope today’s guide to 6 of the best porch swings you can order online has helped you find your favorite one.

If you’re a handy person and enjoy building things yourself, you can always attempt to build your own porch swing. For instance, the video below shows you all the steps you have to go through to accomplish that.

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  1. Porch swings make cozy place for lounging with your best friend for morning coffee. They are also a good place for reading daily newspaper or just relaxing on a rainy day. Placing cushions on a wooden porch swing makes them more comfortable especially for gazing at the stars and enjoying warm summer breezes.

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