Top 4 Advantages of Cooking Pizza in a Brick Pizza Oven

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Everyone loves pizza. It makes a great dinner for everyone. You can make it a barbecue pizza, or a classic pizza with pepperoni. Maybe give your pizza a hawaiian twist, or you could have a dessert pizza. The sky is the limit when you’re thinking of pizza toppings. One of the best ways to cook pizza is in a brick pizza oven. The heat distributes evenly and helps your pizza to cook and taste better. Here are the top 4 advantages of cooking pizza in a brick pizza oven.

Faster Cooking Time

No more waiting 20-30 minutes for your pizza to cook in a traditional oven! You can have delicious pizza in 2-5 minutes. Because of the way the heat is distributed in a brick oven, it can cook pizza much faster. Brick ovens hold consistent, high temperatures so you don’t have to worry about your pizza being doughy either.

Crispier Crust

Heat is absorbed in the bricks which allows the temperature to be very consistent. Brick ovens have radiant heat that cooks your pizza to perfection. The radiant heat will make the bottom of your pizza very crispy, so you don’t have to worry about a soggy mess. The crust all around the pizza will be crispy, but soft and chewy at the same time. You’ll love the delicious, crispy flavor of the crust when you use a brick oven.

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Better Overall Flavor

Because a brick oven uses wood as a fuel source, the pizza will have a more delicious smoky flavor. The flavor will also depend on the kind of wood you use for your fire. You can use a variety of woods for a variety of flavors. Toppings will also be crispier without being floppy or soggy. Don’t worry about your pepperoni being bland, the brick pizza oven will help you create the perfect pizza with the perfect flavor.

Large Enough for Several Pizzas

Brick pizza ovens are large enough for multiple pizzas. Restaurants love using brick pizza ovens because they can keep up with all the orders that come in. All the pizzas in the oven will get perfectly cooked, with a crispy crust and toppings in a large pizza oven. You could have all your friends and family over and cook all of their pizzas in the same oven and they could be ready in 5 minutes!

Summing Up

Brick pizza ovens are an awesome way to cook delicious pizzas. Your pizza will taste better, have a crispier crust, a smoky flavor, and be ready in just minutes! Your family and friends will love coming over and choosing their toppings and creating a pizza that they’ll love. Everyone will love gathering together to have a delicious pizza made in a brick pizza oven that could be in your own backyard. What a fun Summer you could have with your very own brick pizza oven! Try a brick pizza oven in your own backyard and see if you can create the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had.

Image Source: Pixabay

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