Botanical Inspiration from the Red Butte Garden

red butte garden delphinium belladonna bellamosum

Are you looking for some inspiration for the design of your personal backyard? If so, what better place to draw inspiration from than a botanical garden? If this idea sounds appealing to you, then we found the perfect garden to try and mirror. That is the Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here are some awesome ideas for botanical inspiration that you can apply to your home garden.


Can Botanical Inspiration from Red Butte Garden Help with Weed Removal in Raised Garden Beds?

Botanical inspiration from Red Butte Garden can offer valuable insight into removing weeds from raised garden beds. By studying the garden’s techniques, gardeners can learn effective methods for maintaining weed-free raised beds. Implementing these strategies can lead to a healthier and more productive garden space.

The Red Butte Garden Inspiration Haven

The Red Butte Garden is a botanical garden complete with arboretum and amphitheater. The University of Utah operates all three of them and keeps them open all year-round. In case you want to visit it, the botanical garden is located in foothills of the Wasatch Range in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As pointed out in the introduction, here are some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing plants and flowers you can see at the Red Butte Garden and then replant in your personal backyard.

  • The Belladonna Delphinium

This one is a vibrant blue flower, satiny to touch and very beautiful when in bloom. It is excellent for a smaller garden, rather than for a large one and you can plant it in containers if you don’t want to do it directly into the ground. If you live in a hot and humid area, the plant will only last for two or three years so you might want to take this into consideration. Shop for the seeds here to get the look.

Caution – do not ingest any part of this Red Butte Garden flower, as it is poisonous.


  • Pink Octopus Bellflower

This variety is also called the Pink Octopus Campanula, given the fact that it looks like the sea creature when it blooms to the fullest. It’s a bold perennial plant, very floriferous and extremely attractive. If you want another argument why you should consider planting this bellflower, you will be happy to find out that it attracts hummingbirds. They could make a nice addition to your backyard garden.


  • Alamos Amaranth

You cannot possibly miss this wonderful red giant of a flower when you visit The Red Butte Garden. The amazing thing about this species as well as the other types of Amaranth is the fact that it can also be grown for food. In fact, you can typically find it in health food stores.

Caution – the Alamos Amaranth prefers the warmer weather as it does not do well at all in frostier temperatures. Apart from that, the soil has to be quite devoid of any water.

red butte garden-amaranthus

We recommend you visit the Red Butte Garden if you’re looking for botanical inspiration. Apart from these three gorgeous types of flowers that we suggested, you will find thousands more from which to choose.

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