8 Activities You Should Do Before School Starts

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Summer is coming to an end. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Summer is filled with fun, sun, and family time. It’s sad to think that all of that will be over. Don’t worry, there’s still a little time left to do some awesome activities before everyone school starts. There are still a couple of weeks left and you should make the most of it! Here are 8 activities you should do before school starts.

Watch a Movie Outdoors

Outdoor movies are fun and everyone loves them. Let your kids stay up late and and enjoy the warm weather while they still can. Pretty soon they won’t be able to watch a movie outdoors. Pick a crowd favorite movie and let everyone have a good time. 

Have a Water Fight

It won’t be long before it’ll be too cold outside to get wet. Grab some water balloons and squirt guns and go crazy. Let your kids have access to the hose so they can fill their squirt guns with ease. They’ll remember their water party for years to come. 

Swim All Day

You’ve probably been swimming multiple times this summer, but go one more time before school starts. Your swim time will drastically decrease once school starts. You’ll miss the days when everyone sat by the poolside. Get one more full day of swimming in so that you can look back on it when the weather gets cold. 

Have a Car Wash

Let your kids do some work with their hands. Give them a bucket and a sponge and let them have a hose. Your car will be clean for the beginning of school and your kids will have some outdoor fun.

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Have a Picnic

Enjoy the warm weather and take your family for one last picnic before school starts. Pack a good lunch and head to a park or grassy area. Let your kids run around and have fun until the sun goes down.

Take Some Family Photos

Kids grow up so fast. Hire a photographer and take some family photos before everyone gets busy. Capture your family and what everyone looks like so that you’ll be able to look back and remember this Summer.

Decorate the Sidewalk with Chalk

Let your kids use their imagination and decorate the sidewalk and the driveway with chalk. It won’t be long before the sidewalks are covered with snow, or it’s too cold to stay outside for extended amounts of time. Enjoy the warmth while you can.

Spend Time Together

People get busy during the school year. Everyone has after school programs, sports, lessons, and homework. Just enjoy being together before everyone’s lives get crazy. Embrace each other, laugh together, and hug each other. Life becomes infinitely busier once school starts. 

Summing Up

Summer is fun, full of sun and memories. Let summer end with one last hoorah before everyone goes back to school. You’ll love spending time together and making memories before life gets even busier. Try one of these activities before school starts so you can remember it for a long time to come.

Image Source: Pixabay

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