5 Tips to Make It Feel like You’re at the Beach for a Backyard Getaway

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Beaches are relaxing and tranquil. Most people love laying on the beach and listening to the waves while they enjoy a nice, cold drink. So what do you do if you live far away from the beach? You can take a trip, but that can get expensive very quickly. But you can also mimic what it’s like to be at the beach. It probably won’t be the exact same but hopefully it will give you some of the same relaxed feelings. Here are 5 tips to make it feel like you’re at the beach for a backyard getaway.

Recreate the Sounds

Get a noise machine or a CD that plays sounds. Find one that has the ocean on it. Part of the experience of being on the beach is the sound the ocean makes. You can’t feel like you’re at the beach without the calming ebb and flow of the ocean around you. Some noise machines will also have seagulls in the background, which make it feel that much more real. 

Sit in a Beach Chair

This may not seem important but it can make such a difference. You hardly ever sit in beach chairs when you aren’t on the beach. So sitting in one will make you feel like you’re actually there. Put your feet up, recline, and relax. You can even put a beach towel on the chair to make it feel more authentic. Put up a hammock if you really want to relax. 

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Have a Refreshing Drink

Wait until the weather gets really hot then cool off with a refreshing drink. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise! There are tons of homemade lemonades you can make. You can even make your own sun tea to drink. Put a pineapple wedge on your glass with an umbrella in it. 

Stick Your Feet in Water

Get a kiddie pool and put your feet in some cool water. When you close your eyes, it might just feel like the shore of a beach. Splash around, have fun, and cool off. Use your imagination and make it feel like you’re actually somewhere far away, without a trouble in the world. Put some sand in your kiddie pool that you can stick your toes in too!

Put Your Distractions Away

Put away cell phones and computers. This is your time to relax. Put your phone somewhere where you can’t even hear it ring. See if someone can take care of the kids for awhile so you don’t have to worry about making lunch or resolving fights. When you’re at the beach, everything is peaceful and calm. Make your backyard getaway resemble that feeling as much as you can.

Summing Up

Sometimes parents need a break. Unfortunately you can’t fly to the Bahamas every time that happens. Use these tips to create a well deserved break from all the chaos. You can make a backyard getaway into a time where all your troubles fall away. If you love the beach, try these tips to make it feel like you’re really there. Well, you can use your imagination. It won’t feel exactly like you’re far away on a beach but it’ll be close!

Image Source: Pixabay

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