5 Super Fun Water Activities for Kids

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Summer is almost here! That means no school, warmer nights, and hot weather. Your kids want to cool down so you give them popsicles but it’s not doing the trick. The pool always works but it’s hard to pack all the kids up and it’s usually crowded. Here are 5 fun water activities for kids that you can do in your own front yard. You don’t have to worry about losing your kids in the crowded pool or making sure they aren’t in the deep end. These activities are easy, cheap, fun, and will definitely cool your kids down.

Homemade Sprinkler

Save an empty liter soda bottle, poke holes in it, and put your hose inside. It’s as simple as that! The water will spray all over the place and your kids will have a blast running through it. This is one of the cheapest diy projects ever. You don’t even have to be good at diy projects to do it. Make a game with the sprinkler and get creative. Have your kids use their imagination while they run outside.

Water Pinatas

Fill up water balloons and let them hang from anywhere! Your kids have to try to break the water balloons and get the water dumped on their heads. Maybe whoever gets wet first wins. Or whoever wins gets some candy. That way it’s not a totally candy-less pinata. Make these a part of a water relay race. Invite your friends and neighbors over to join in on the Summer fun! Everyone will have a blast and stay cool in the Summer heat.

DIY Slip n’ Slide

Grab that big tarp from your shed and put it on your lawn. Put a hose on it and let the kids go crazy! For even more fun, put bubble bath on the tarp as well. This will make the tarp even more slick and it will create lots of bubbles. Your kids will love slipping and sliding and making bubbles. Maybe it’ll even clean them off a little bit. For even more fun, add food coloring to the bubbles. Have pink, blue, or yellow bubbles all over the slide. Make sure your kids aren’t wearing anything you don’t want ruined.

Water Guns

This is an oldie but a goodie. Water guns are classic Summer fun. Buy a bunch of water guns and let your kids run around spraying each other. Maybe get in on the fun as a parent. You can make teams or have it be free for all. You could play capture the flag with water guns, or maybe you’re on a mission and you need to rescue the princess. It’s all up to you. Let your kids spray Mom and Dad. They’ll probably have the most fun with that.

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Bike Car Wash

Get buckets and sponges and let your kids wash their bikes. You can let them wash their scooters and tricycles too! They’ll get their bikes clean and have a blast doing it. You can put food coloring in these bubbles too. Let them get messy and wet. Let them spray each other. They’ll love it!

Summing Up

Your kids are going to get hot this Summer. Instead of trying to find a spot on the grass at the crowded pool, consider these fun activities you can do at home. You can keep a closer eye on your kids and they’ll still have so much fun. You can invite everyone over to your house to cool off. Try these 5 super fun water activities for kids and they’ll want to do them over and over again.

Image Source: Pixabay

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