4 Fabulous Ways to Make the Best Outdoor Movie Theater Ever


We spend a chunk of time outside during the Summer. There are late nights and fun activities during the Summer that are remembered forever. If you’re looking for a good time, there’s nothing better than watching a movie outside. You’ll enjoy the fresh air and different venue while you watch your movie. It’s fun enough just watching a movie outdoors but there are things you can do to make it even more memorable. Here are 5 fabulous ways to make the best outdoor movie theater ever.

Have a Projector and Screen

A projector and a projector screen is the best way to make sure that everyone can see the movie. Yes, you can bring your TV outside and connect it to an extension cord but you probably don’t have a TV big enough for everyone to see. Plus, it’s pretty hard to move a TV outside. For a cheaper option you can use a sheet that’s pulled tight instead of a projector screen. However, projector screens are a lot better for movie watching.

Have Lots of Places to Sit

No one wants to sit on the itchy grass for an hour and a half. At the very least put out blankets to sit on so people can get comfortable. For a really good outdoor movie theater, get out sleeping bags, camping chairs, or bean bags. Then everyone will be able to relax while they enjoy the movie. Outdoor furniture has come a long way too. It’s not all plastic chairs anymore. There are many outdoor couches that everyone would love sitting on.

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Have Treats

People love snacking while they watch a flick. Make popcorn, have different kinds of candy, and get some soda. It makes the theater experience that much more realistic. Everyone will really feel like they’re at a movie theater, except with way better seats. If you want to do something fun and different you can have some cotton candy or spiced nuts just like at the fair. Make a healthier dessert if everyone is a little sugared out.

Have Some Lighting

While it’s best to keep everything really dark so that the screen can be seen, you might want to have some lights for after the movie. It’s hard to fumble around in the dark making sure you didn’t forget anything on the ground. Consider putting some lights by the eating area as well so people can see what they’re getting. There are lots of great outdoor lighting ideas that you can use. Maybe use a lighted pathway to the seating area. It’ll be just like the real movie theater and you can dim the lights when the movie starts.

Summing Up

Admit it, reading this is making you want to give it a try. How fun would this be with all your friends and family? Summer has just started there is still plenty of time to create an amazing outdoor theater. Maybe you could even make cute invitations to send out for your movie night. Whether or not you and your significant other want to enjoy a movie together, or you invite the whole neighborhood over, your outdoor movie theater will be a hit.

Image Source: Pinterest

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