Teach Kids About Snow with These Fun Winter Activities

teach kids about snow

Winter is such a fun time to be outside with kids. There are endless possibilities for playing in the snow. You can have a snowball fight, build a snowman, or make a snow angel. However, little kids can have a little confusion regarding snow. What is it? How does it form? How does it come from the sky? Explaining snow to your kids will help them understand it better and they’ll be happy to have learned something new. Especially if you do some fun activities while you’re learning. Teach kids about snow with these fun winter activities. 

Activities to Teach Kids About Snow

Get a Closer Look

To better understand what snowflakes are, have your kids get a closer look at them. You’ll need black construction paper to see the snowflakes really well. Unfortunately, snowflakes melt really quickly. To slow down how quickly the snow melts, keep your black construction paper in the freezer overnight so that it stays really cold. When it starts to snow, take out your construction paper and let the snow fall down on the paper. Use a magnifying glass to look at the unique shape of each snowflake. Snowflakes can be classified into different categories. See if you can identify which snowflakes you’re seeing. This is such a fun way to teach kids about snow. 

teach kids about snow, learn, kids

Play in the Snow

It really helps to teach kids about snow if you let them play in it. Build a snow fort or simply let them play. Kids will realize that snow is frozen water. They can feel, mold, play, and touch to better understand how snow works. It’s also fun to look for animal tracks in the snow. Check out a book from your local library about animal tracks and see which tracks you are able to identify. 

Make Snowflakes

Explain to your kids that no two snowflakes are the same. Let them make their own snowflakes out of paper to see how everyone’s snowflakes look a little different. Show them how to fold their paper so that it will look like a snowflake when they’re done but let them cut it however they want. Then hang your snowflakes from the ceiling with fishing line and you’ll have a little Winter wonderland in your own house. 

teach kids about snow, learn, kids

Read About Snow

Teach kids about snow by reading about it. Get books that talk about Winter, snowflakes, snowmen, or snowballs. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is a classic. They will love reading about snow and playing in it. There are also several books out there that explain the science behind snow for older kids that are a little more curious. Curious About Snow by Gina Shaw is a great book for kids that will teach them how snowflakes are formed. 

Make Snow Treats

Collect some freshly fallen snow and put some snow cone syrup on top. You can have your very own free snow cone! You can also make some treats that resemble snow but aren’t. It’s a fun way to get to know what snow is! Plus it’s a delicious treat that everyone will love having. 

Summing Up

Teach your kids about snow and they’ll look forward to every winter when they get to read fun books, do fun activities, and have yummy treats. Sometimes people don’t like winter because it has fewer hours of sunlight and it’s cold. But these fun winter activities will get your kids excited about winter and each snowfall. 

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