4 Cool Garden Playhouse Ideas: Find the Perfect One


All the little ones want one thing – for you to take them to the playground, where they can jump and play as they will. But what if you could build them their fantasy playground right at home, in your backyard? Here are four cool garden playhouse ideas your munchkins will absolutely adore.

4 Cool Garden Playhouse Ideas

#1. Grandma’s Playhouse

This amazing garden playhouse comes equipped with a large wooden house which looks exactly like your grandma’s. It has a sweet little porch, pots of flowers in its rustic windows and even a patio furniture set in the front. Your kids will be able to play house, for real this time, all in the comfort of your own backyard.

garden playhouse ideas grandmas playhouse

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#2. Storybook Style

A little house in the woods just like they see in their storybooks is what every child wants. How many times did you sit with them at night and read aloud fantastic stories like The Hobbit and Hansel and Gretel? Every time you did, your child dreamed of having his or her little hobbit house in the woods, which they could actually inhabit. Now you can make that dream come true with this fantastic storybook garden playhouse idea.

garden playhouse ideas storybook playhouse

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#3. The Barn

Bringing children closer to nature and the old ways will never be easier than with this totally awesome farmhouse. Its red and white wooden walls remind one of the cute little barns in children’s books populated by animals such as Charlotte’s Web. Apart from that, the house also has a wobbly and whimsical structure which looks like a garden playhouse descended right from Dr. Seuss’ imagination. Complete it with some oversized sunflowers and watch your child’s eyes grow in astonishment as he or she enters a world of dreams and creativity.

garden playhouse ideas barn playhouse
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#4. The Locomotive

A garden playhouse that doubles as a train locomotive and which is completely made of wood? Yes, please. Fun for both kids and adults, this little gem of your architectural imagination will send you both on fast adventures. The amazing thing about it is that, since it’s made of natural wood, you can paint as you wish.

Even better, why don’t you make it a joint project and have your child and some more little ones from the block help you paint it? They will have the time of their lives, like a page straight out of Tom Sawyer and the famous fence-painting incident. Just don’t let them slack like Tom did!

garden playhouse ideas locomotive playhouse

There are many cool garden playhouse ideas out there, but none quite like these. Just a quick tip – remember to ask your little one what he or she would like. In the end, they will be the ones spending their time in it!

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