How to Build a Snowman That Your Kids Will Love


A snowman is one of the best things to make out of snow. They’re really simple to make and they let kids be really creative when they get to design it themselves. Although a snowman is simple to make, there are lots of things that you can do that will take your snowman from good to great. Here’s how to build that your kids will love. 

How to Build a Snowman

Gather the Right Kind of Snow

This seems really obvious. You can’t build a snowman without snow. However, the key is to wait for the right kind of snow. If you start building a snowman, you’ll notice that’s it’s incredibly difficult with powdery snow. Powdery snow is really great for skiing but not so great for making a snowman. The problem with powdery snow is that it doesn’t stick together so you can’t create a ball, or anything else. Wait until you get some snow that sticks together easily and can be packed down. Freezing temperatures will make the snow stick together better too! 

Pack and Roll

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Now that you’ve waited for the perfect packable snow to fall, you’re ready to build a snowman. Begin by making a snowball and packing it tightly as you go. Then roll your snowball on the ground and let it collect more snow, always packing it tightly as you go along. Your snowball will start to become bigger and bigger! Don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the size of your snowball. Don’t forget about all the snow on the sidewalks too. Remember, the first snowball has to be big enough to be the base of your snowman. 

Do It Again and Again

Typically, when you build a snowman there are three snowballs stacked on top of one another. After you’ve made your first snowball and it’s big enough to be the base of your snowman, make two more snowballs that get smaller. Your second snowball, the waist of the snowman, should be smaller than the base. The head of your snowman is the third snowball and should be even smaller than the waist of the snowman. Shape the snowballs so that they’re smooth and round. 

Can I Use the Same Materials and Techniques from Building a Snowman to Build a Cold Frame for Gardening?

Yes, you can use the same materials and techniques from building a snowman to build your own cold frame for gardening. By repurposing items like wooden planks, plastic sheeting, and hinges, you can construct a sturdy structure to protect delicate plants during colder months. Embrace your snowman-building skills to create a functional cold frame for your gardening endeavors.

Stack Your Snowballs

Once you have all three of your snowballs the right size and shape, you’re ready to stack them on top of each other. Remember to put the biggest one at the bottom, then have the snowballs get smaller as you go up. The snowballs are easier to stack if you flatten the top of the balls so that they can rest on top of each other. Then pack more snow where the snowballs of your snowman touch, this will help hold the snowballs up so your snowman doesn’t tip over. 

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Time to Beautify

This is the most fun part when you build a snowman. It’s time to make your snowman look amazing! Get twigs for the arms, a carrot for the nose, and some coal for the eyes and mouth if you want a conventional snowman. Or you can spice it up and really make your snowman stand out. Put a boa around its neck, put on some sunglasses, and stick some big red lips on it from a Mrs, Potato Head. It’s totally up to you! Make it simple and classic, or bold and fun. Let your kids think of a fun idea to do. 

Summing Up

Building a snowman is super fun and quite simple. It’s not hard to build a snowman if you wait for the right kind of snow and really pack the snowballs. The truth is, you’ll have the most beautiful snowman on the block because you spent time with your family and had a great time together. Your kids will love being with you and creating something with you. 

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