6 Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids When They Can’t Go Outside

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Sometimes it’s great to have your kids go out and play in the snow. It’s a great exercise to do in the Winter and they have a blast! However, sometimes it’s just too darn cold to send your kids outside. Or it’s a blizzard and you don’t want your kids to get blown away. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s best to keep your kids indoors. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! Here are 6 indoor games to play with your kids when they can’t go outside. 

Indoor Games to Play with Your Kids


Puzzles teach children so much. It helps them think and strengthen their mind. Grab several children’s puzzles for them to complete or start a jigsaw puzzle together as a family. They’ll love working together as a team and spending time together. Everyone gets so excited when someone finally finds a piece you’ve been looking for. 

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Magic Tricks

Let your kids think that you’re amazing and show them some magic tricks. Watch their faces turn to disbelief when you make a quarter come out of their ear or their nose. Teach them a simple magic trick with cards that they can do. Have them practice then try their new trick on someone else. They will feel like real magicians and will love the fact that they get to amaze someone else. 

Create a Play

Let your children get creative and write and star in their own play. They can use props and costumes too. Then let them all perform for you. Create fake tickets that everyone needs to use to get into the play. Have seating and a stage. Then make popcorn so that you can eat it while you watch the show. Your kids will love being the center of your attention and getting applause. Have them take a bow when they’re all done. 

Hot Potato

You don’t need to use an actual hot potato for this to be fun. Use a bean bag, ball, or something else that is easy to pass around. Have everyone sit in a circle, turn some fun music on and have everyone pass the object around. Whoever has the object when the music stops is out. If you want to make it challenging you can have everyone stand far apart so they have to throw it to the next person. It makes everything a little more intense, and it’s pretty good exercise. 

indoor games, fun, snow day

Board Games

Board games are great fun and children love them. Start playing some children’s favorites like Candyland, Go Fish, or Chutes and Ladders. Or you can start playing harder games like Monopoly and have children be on teams. They’ll learn more by challenging themselves and you can always help them if they get lost. Monopoly is also great at teaching children about money and how to make change. 


Get a shoebox and cut a hole out in the top that’s big enough for your child’s hand to fit in. Put random objects inside the box and have your children name what they are. You can make it really difficult, or make it easy by putting something in the box that’s easy to recognize. If you have competitive children, you can give points to the people that get it right. 

Summing Up

There are lots of indoor games to play that your children will love. You don’t even need screens or a TV to have fun! These indoor games will keep your children entertained and having a good time until they can go outside again. Get creative and have a blast with your kids while you play these indoor games. 

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