The Kid Friendly Guide to Growing Your Own Avocados from Seed

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An avocado is one of the easiest plants to grow. There are no weeds to pull and you don’t need to worry about good soil to get the plant started. Kids love growing avocados because it’s easy to watch them grow too. If your child has an interest in growing plants, start them off with an avocado. They’ll love watching their avocado grow and eventually transplanting it into a pot of soil. Here’s the kid friendly guide to growing your own avocados from seed. 

Get an Avocado

Pretty easy first step. You need an avocado to start an avocado. Save the big, round seed in the middle. The seed is what needs to sprout to grow another avocado.

Clean the Avocado Pit

Take the seed out very, very carefully. Don’t cut the seed to try to get it out, that will damage it. You can scoop the seed out with a spoon to be sure it isn’t harmed. Then you’ll need to clean off all the avocado bits from the seed. Pay close attention to the brown skin covering the seed, you don’t want to take that off. The brown covering on the seed helps it to grow.

Stick Toothpicks in the Seed

Before you go poking the seed with toothpicks, make sure you know which end of the seed is up. The top of the seed can’t be in water, and the bottom of the seed needs to be in water. Some seeds make it easy with a clear top and bottom. Pay attention when you open the avocado to see which side of the seed is pointing up. Once you know which side is the top, you can use your toothpicks. Stick three or four toothpicks all around the circumference of your avocado. Push the toothpicks in as far as you can to make sure the avocado won’t fall inside the water.

growing your own avocados from seed

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Put Your Seed in Water

Place your seed in a glass of water so that the toothpicks are resting on the top of the glass. The bottom half of the seed should be submerged in water while the top half is completely out of the water. Use a clear glass of water so you can see your avocado start to sprout. Change the water about once a week to prevent bacteria from growing.

Watch Your Plant Grow

Be patient! It can take several weeks to see a sprout from your avocado seed. You’ll probably first notice a big crack form at the top of your seed. The crack will spread all the way to the bottom of the seed, and a tiny root will begin to come out of the crack underwater. Soon a sprout will come out of the crack on top of the seed. You’ll see growth on both sides of the seed. The underwater portion will grow the roots, and the out of water portion will grow the plant. Make sure that the roots never come out of the water or dry out.

Transplant Your Seed

When your avocado plant is about 6 inches tall, you can transplant it to a pot of soil. Make sure that the top of the avocado seed is uncovered and that you can still see it. The rest of the seed can be covered with soil. You don’t want to completely bury the seed because it will suffocate the plant. Put your avocado plant in a sunny spot and make sure the soil stays moist. You’ll have your own avocados before you know it! 

Summing Up

Growing your own avocados from seed is great for beginners. They are easy to grown and it’s fun to watch them sprout in a glass jar. Your kids will love growing their own avocados and watching it thrive. Make sure you put your avocado seed where there is a lot of sunlight and it should start growing with no problems at all. Your kids will learn so much! 

Image Source: Pixabay

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