Stocking Your Pantry for Food Storage: How To and Benefits

stocking your pantry

Keeping your pantry full of food that will last a long time has many benefits. If you don’t already have a pantry full of non-expirable foods, you might want to start. It’s a good idea to have enough food for your family to last a couple of days in case you ever needed to use it. Don’t feel overwhelmed, stocking your pantry can be pretty easy and simple. Plus the benefits of stocking your pantry will make it all worth it. Here’s how to stock your pantry and the benefits you’ll see from doing it.

Benefits of Stocking Your Pantry

Emergency Preparedness

This is probably the biggest benefit of stocking your pantry. You never know what could happen, and having a pantry full of food that won’t go bad will be a huge blessing to you in a crisis. There could be an earthquake or a hurricane, or maybe there’s just a whole lot of snow and you can’t get out of your house easily to go shopping. You will find a lot of comfort in knowing that your family will be taken care of for a couple of days with plenty of food to eat. Don’t forget to have a couple of jugs of emergency water as well. 

Food Certainty

Stocking your pantry is a good way to feel secure about your food options. Sometimes it’s not a natural disaster emergency that will make you use the food in your pantry. It could be the loss of a job, lower income, or simply because you ran out of something that you need for a recipe. Having a backup of food storage always stocked will give you peace of mind knowing that you have what you need no matter what situation arises. 

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Save More Money

Stocking your pantry allows you to buy in bulk which saves money. Look for coupon deals and sales to build your pantry up. You will also have to go to the store less often because you already have a lot of food on hand. That means you’ll save more time as well. We all know that time can be just as precious as money. 

How to Stock Your Pantry

Build Over Time

Stocking your pantry for food storage can be overwhelming if you think that you need to have everything ready right away. Although some people do that, you don’t always need to. You can stock up your pantry over time. It might take a couple of months to completely build it up. The best way to save money is to stretch out your purchases to whatever is on sale at the time. 

Pick a Storage Location

Basements are typically the best place for food storage. This is because basements are a lot cooler so they tend to help food keep longer. It’s also because it tends to be more out of the way than on the main floor level. However, if you don’t have a basement there are some other options to consider. The back of your closet or under your bed are also good places for stocking your food storage pantry. Of course, it can also be in your actual pantry. Just make sure there is still enough room for all of your other food items. Buy or build shelves if necessary. 

stocking your pantry, emergency, food

Start Stocking Your Pantry for Food Storage

Now, it’s time to start filling those shelves with food that will last for years. It’s better to build up your food storage over time so that you save money. Each time you go to the store you could stock up on a specific item. Or wait until that specific item is on sale to buy it. Take advantage of coupons. You can also go to discount grocery stores to purchase essential items. Buy produce that’s in season for a better price, then can and store the produce yourself to save even more money. 

Summing Up

Stocking your pantry for food storage is a great idea for every household. It could help feed your family in a disaster or it could simply provide you with a backup plan if you forgot to make dinner. There have been several times that food storage has come in handy when someone runs out of an ingredient and needs something for dinner. You will also save money by having a well-stocked pantry. So there’s no time to waste, start stocking your pantry today. 

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