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Emergency Car Essentials to Keep in Your Car This Winter

Driving in the winter can be pretty scary for new drivers and even for experienced drivers. It doesn’t take much time for a small winter flurry to turn into a pretty big winter storm. If you are not prepared you could find yourself in a pretty dangerous situation. However, most car emergencies in the winter time can be avoided with just a little preparation. You would never go on a camping trip without the proper emergency essentials. You should likewise, never drive in the snow with out the necessary emergency precautions!There is no time like the present to check and see if you have all the necessary emergency car essentials to help you avoid a winter disaster in your trunk. 

Snow and Ice Scraper

Any driver with experience in cold weather knows what it is like to come outside in the morning to a car covered in snow. Usually, you are in a hurry and try and clear the snow and ice off of your car as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, if you do not completely clean your windows it can cause a pretty dangerous threat. Not only could your vision as a driver be impaired, but chunks of snow and ice could break off while you drive. This becomes a dangerous obstacle for other drivers to avoid. This is why the first emergency car essential for winter time should always be a reliable snow and ice scraper.

Something to Keep You Warm

A smart emergency car essential that should always be stored in your car during the winter, is an added layer of warmth. If your car should break down on the side of the road it won’t take long for the temperature to drop pretty low. However, continually running your car for the heater will not only waste fuel, but poses the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is very important to stay warm during the winter! In order to keep you warm, and avoid hypothermia, is by having extra warm layers in your car. This could include extra hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and even blankets. This is an emergency car essential you hope you will never need, but is smart to have on hand.

Something to Help Your Wheels Gain Traction

Another scary winter scenario is getting stuck in a snowbank. Winter roads are often slippery. There is nothing scarier than watching your car continue to slide, even after you have put on the brakes. If you find your car stuck in a snowbank, you will want something to help your tires gain traction so you can free your vehicle. Common emergency car essentials for traction include gravel, rock salt, or even kitty litter. Just keep a gallon bucket or two in your trunk. If you find yourself in a slippery situation, spread a few handfuls beneath your tires and along the path. The course salt, kitty litter, or gravel should give your wheels enough traction to get you back on the road.

First Aid Kit

While a first aid kit is not necessarily a 'winter only' emergency car essential, it is still worth mentioning. Not only will a first aid kit help with small injuries, but it can be life saving in an emergency. Make sure your first aid kit is replenished after each use. There is nothing worse than an empty first aid kit in an emergency situation. Items to make sure you have in your kit during the winter include high calorie protein bars (or other non-perishable snacks), a flashlight, and extra cell phone chargers. In the middle of the winter a well stocked first aid kit could be the difference between life and death.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how easy it is to prepare your car for a winter disaster, there is no reason NOT to load your car up with your favorite emergency car essentials. Not to mention with Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect time to gift a few of these emergency car essentials to your favorite drivers. Remember that the best emergency car essential you can put into your car is a smart and sober driver! If you pack this list of emergency car essentials into your truck this winter, you will be sure to arrive home safely! 

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