Tips on How to Have the Most Epic Snowball Fight This Winter

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Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because snow is starting to fall. That means it’s time for snowball fights! I know that having a snowball fight isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You usually end up wet, cold, and with a few bruises. However, some people love having the thrill of trying to hurry and make more ammo before someone else gets you. There are so many fun ways to have a snowball fight, it doesn’t need to be an all-out war (unless you want it to be). Here are just a couple of tips on how to have the most epic snowball fight this Winter.

How to Have an Epic Snowball Fight

Get Organized

It’s fun to have everyone just go crazy and throw snowballs at whoever comes their way, but it’s also fun to be organized for your snowball fight. Make teams and wear specific colors. This way you know who you are trying to hit and who is trying to help you. Have team captains to choose the teams or number everyone off and split them up into groups. 

Make Rules 

Sometimes having restricting rules can kill the fun. However, in this case, rules might make the game a lot more fun instead of just a crazy battle. This way less people will end up getting hurt too. Maybe you aren’t allowed to throw snowballs at someone’s head or face, just their body. It’s also fun to have a base or a safe spot where no one is allowed to throw snowballs at you, the tough part is getting there. Have rules on how you decide who the winner of the snowball fight is. It could be like dodgeball where if you get hit, you’re out. Or it could be like capture the flag and someone needs to get the other team’s flag in order to win. 

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Make a Snow Fort

Having a snow fort makes a snowball fight so much more fun! This way you have a safe place to hide while you are under attack. Build an awesome snow fort so that other people have a really hard time getting into it. A snow fort is especially useful if you have a flag to protect because the other team will have a really hard time getting past your fort to steal it. 

Have a Snowball Thrower

Sometimes your arm can get tired from throwing snowballs for a long time. A snowball thrower is great to have for situations like these. When your arm gets tired, bust out your snowball thrower and go to town. It’ll save your arm for awhile, and it launches the snowballs really far. You don’t always need to have one, but it’s good to have just in case you need it. It can be your secret weapon in your snowball fight. 

Summing Up

Having a snowball fight is a fun way to play in the snow. You can have it be free for all, or get organized and start developing some strategies. Some people might prefer to just build a snowman, but a snowball fight can be a blast. Just make sure that everyone is playing safe and isn’t specifically trying to hurt someone. Have a few rules for safety and everyone will be having a blast! 

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