Snow Fort 101: How to Build an Impenetrable Fortress

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So many things can be done in the snow! Some are gentle and sweet like building a snowman or making a snow angel. Other activities are a little more active like snowball fights or even an all-out war! If you’re the kind of person that enjoys an intense snowball fight, this article is for you. One of the keys to winning a snowball fight is having a snow fort that you can hide inside while you make more ammo. However, not just any snow fort will do. You need something that will last and won’t melt or be knocked down easily. Here’s how to build an impenetrable fortress of a snow fort. 

How to Build a Snow Fort

Make an Outline

First, you’ll need to outline the size of your snow fort and how large you’d like it to be. This can be done by simply outlining the perimeter in the snow. You can just walk around in the snow where you’d like the walls of your snow fort to go. Step inside your perimeter and make sure that it feels big enough for the number of people that will be using it. It can be round or a square shape. 

Make Snow Bricks

Next, you need to start making the bricks to create your fort. This is easily done by getting an empty cooler and packing it full of snow, then turning it upside down and dumping the brick out. It goes by a lot faster if you have someone making the bricks, and another person stacking the bricks. Make sure the snow is really packed down into the cooler so that the bricks don’t fall apart. If you don’t have enough snow for four walls with snow bricks, then just make one wall. That’s better than nothing, right? Make the walls tall enough that if an adult crouched down, no part of them would be showing. 

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Door or No Door?

You may create a small door to easily get in and out of your snow fort if you desire, however that means that intruders can more easily get in as well. Some people like to just have four solid walls around them to protect them more effectively. The problem with that is that it’s a lot harder to get out of since you’ll have to climb over the walls, but that means that unwanted guests will have a hard time too. It’s up to you. Maybe if you have someone protecting the door then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

Reinforce the Walls

It’s time to make those walls strong. Use extra snow and pack it in between all the cracks of the bricks. Make them impossible to break. Then use your hands to smooth out the walls. The best thing that you can do to make the walls strong is to pour cold water on it after they are formed. This will make a sheet of ice over the snow and make it impossible to break. It’ll also make your snow fort more resistant to melting in the sun. No one will be able to get in. Now it’s time to start making your snowballs and prepare for the most epic snowball battle of your life. 

Summing Up

Snow forts are such a fun thing to make. They’re a blast to play in and they make snowball fights so much more fun. If you don’t like snowball fights you can use your snow fort for other things. Maybe your kids just want to use it as a clubhouse or a castle. Either way, it’s a blast to play in. Hopefully, your kids will have a grand old time creating and playing in their own solid snow fort. 

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