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Sprinkler Summer Fun: The Best Lawn Sprinkler Options for Kids

A sprinkler can serve several purposes.  First, a sprinkler is most often used as a way to keep your lawn and garden area hydrated so that it will grow well.  But a sprinkler can serve another purpose, and that is to be a gathering place for some cool, fun games in hot weather.  When a sprinkler system has multiple uses, you know that it is in the running for the best lawn sprinkler.

Home and Garden

A sprinkler can provide a place similar to a pool for kids to have some summer fun in the water.  One of the best things about a sprinkler is that it is less expensive than a pool.  It can either be used in a large yard or a small one.  Regardless of the yard size, a sprinkler can be a great way for kids to have fun while also contributing to a green lawn.  Often, a sprinkler can even serve two purposes at once: to water your lawn while the children play in the sprinkler water.

I'm going to go over some fun sprinkler activities for kids that the whole family will enjoy.  I will also provide options for the best lawn sprinkler for kids that you can find on Amazon, as well as some DIY lawn sprinkler ideas if you decide that you want to go that route.

Fun Sprinkler Games

Freeze Tag

Have the kids run around the sprinkler while it is turned off.  Then, when you turn on the sprinkler, all the kids must freeze.  All the children must stay frozen until you turn the water back off.  Any kid that moves while the water is on gets pulled out of the game.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a fun game to play.  It can be even more fun when there is a water sprinkler.  Have each of the commands have to do with the sprinkler.  You could say things like, "Simon Says to walk through the sprinkler", "Simon Says to hold your hands above the water", or "Simon Says to run around the sprinkler".  Each person's commands are going to be different and unique, so there aren't really any rules to what you have to say or do.

Water Limbo

Instead of doing the traditional limbo, use your sprinkler for this game.  Have somebody hold the sprinkler hose level.  As that person holds it and sprays out water, have the children go underneath the water.  Since it may be hard to go under the water, you can allow the kids to crawl or walk.  Each time the children go through, lower it just a little.  Kids that get wet are out and have to hold the sprinkler next. You will want to use a sprinkler on a setting that shoots water straight out for this game.  Something fun to do after each person gets out is to spray them so that they get wet.

Fill the Cup

Each family member should have a plastic or paper cup of the same size.  Solo cups or Dixie Cups can work well for this game.  The goal is for each person to try to fill their cup up with water from the sprinkler.  No one can touch or move the sprinkler.  Whoever fills up their cup first is the winner.  A fun variation of this game is that no one can move their feet while filling up the cup.  If someone moves, they must dump out the cup on their head and start over again.  This game is guaranteed to get lots of laughs.

Dance Party

Turn on some music and have a dance party in the sprinkler.  You may want to do some freestyle dancing or more structured dancing like square dancing or the hokey pokey.  This is a simple and easy way to have fun and also make use of your in-ground sprinklers that are watering your lawn at the same time.

Musical Sprinkler

This game is a sprinkler version of the popular musical chairs game.  Have someone turn the sprinkler off.  Participants may run around when the sprinkler is off.  When the sprinkler is turned back on, everyone must freeze right where they are.

Sprinkler Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course all within reach of the sprinkler water.  The point is to get wet and cool off while traveling through the course.  You can use simple objects like benches to crawl under and stations to jump rope at.  Use whatever is on hand to make a challenging course.  You may want to time participants if you want to have some friendly competition.  See who can get through the course the fastest.  Participants may also enjoy trying to beat their own times by doing it again and again.

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How to Conserve Water

Make sure that a sprinkler ban is not going on when you play these games. Sometimes in the summer, drought conditions may cause towns and cities to initiate a sprinkler ban.  Always stay aware of drought conditions so that you don't break any rules and also so you don't waste water. The following are some other ways to conserve water.

  1. Allow your sprinkler games to serve a dual purpose by playing your sprinkler games in an area where the water will also hydrate grass, trees and/or gardens.  Lawn care is an important factor to consider.
  2. Play sprinkler games around sunset so that the water does not evaporate so quickly.  By playing when the sun is about to go down, the water will have a better chance to sink into the ground and water the lawn, garden, flower beds, or trees.
  3. Catch the extra water by setting out buckets or pans.  Then use the water to water your garden or potted plants.  Shallow pans can also be placed out so that birds may use the water to drink and bathe from.
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Best Lawn Sprinkler Options for Kids

There are so many fun options out there when it comes to lawn sprinklers for kids. Anything bright and cheerful is a good way to go and is perfect for a warm summer day activity.  Below are the top three most popular lawn sprinklers for kids that are available on Amazon today.  Take a look to see if you can find the best lawn sprinkler for you.

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iBaseToy Rainbow Sprinkler for Kids - 7.3 x 6.1 Ft...
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Bestseller No. 3
oanie Garden Sprinklers for Yard, 360 Degree...
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A great feature about these lawn sprinklers is that they are fairly inexpensive.  They usually range between $10-$30, depending on the types of sprinklers  that you choose.   

Most of them are also rotary sprinklers, meaning that the water flow rotates in different directions.  This is fun for the kiddos, as it's surprising to know where and when the water will shoot out.  It is also great for your lawn because the nozzles will water a different area each time that the sprinkler is running.

DIY Lawn Sprinklers

Sometimes, the best lawn sprinkler is one that you make yourself.  Not only is it a great family project to work on together, but it's original and you can make it exactly how you'd like.  Once completed, you will have your own sprinkler system that not many others have, which makes it even more fun and unique.  If you prefer to make your own lawn sprinkler rather than buy one online, there are many great resources for you to refer to.

PVC Pipe Sprinkler

According to this site, there are a few materials and tools you will need to make your homemade PVC pipe sprinkler.

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Image Source: Instructables

Materials You Will Need:

-2 ten foot lengths of PVC
-3 end caps
-1 threaded hose connector
-2 elbow joints (90 degree)
-2 T connections
-PVC Cement

Tools Required:

-A drill
-1/16 or 3/32 inch drill bits
-Saw (Any kind will do the trick)
-Measuring tape
-PVC Cement

Once you have gathered these materials and tools, you're now ready to begin building.  For further details and pictures on how to assemble your DIY lawn sprinkler, head on over to this site.

For a grand total of around $10, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Have an old pool noodle lying around? Here's how to make a fun pool noodle sprinkler with it.

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Materials You Will Need:

-1 pool noodle
-1 plastic bottle cap
-Duct tape

How to Build: 

Poke holes all over the noodle using the skewer.  Then, plug the bottom of the noodle with your bottle cap and secure using duct tape.  With the other open end of the noodle, insert your hose through and watch your homemade sprinkler come to life!  You can place this anywhere and make it your own traveling sprinkler.

If you already have all of these common household items on hand, you can make this sprinkler for free.  If not, this will only cost you less than $5 to make. Score!

For more details on how to build a pool noodle sprinkler, visit this awesome site. 

Why Make a DIY Lawn Sprinkler?

If you do it right, a DIY sprinkler can be the best lawn sprinkler option for you.  Not only are DIY lawn sprinklers inexpensive, but the kids will love them and want to play outside as much as they can.  Besides, what's not love about cooling down from a sprinkler that you were able to make yourself?  


Sprinkler games can be great fun for kids or even the whole family.  It's especially fun when it is hot out.  Just make sure that your town or city doesn't have a sprinkler ban going on before turning on your sprinkler.  I've given some ideas for conserving water, which can be beneficial anytime that you want to turn on your sprinkler to play some games.  Try to think up some variations to the games I've listed.  The point is to cool off while having some summer sprinkler fun.

I've linked some of the best lawn sprinkler options for kids that are available to buy on Amazon.  Whichever one you choose, the kiddos will be sure to love.  If you decide to go the DIY route, I've also included directions and links where you can learn to make a lawn sprinkler on your own.  Either way, your children can make memories and have a blast as they run through the lawn sprinklers this summer -- nothing but good times ahead.

Take a look at our lawn sprinkler reviews so that you can get an idea of some of the best lawn sprinkler options available on the market today.

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