How to Polish Rocks for a Fun Summer Activity with Your Kids

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Polishing rocks is a great way to spend some time with your kids. Kids can get bored because they have a lot of free time during the Summer. It’s important to keep your kids involved in a lot of activities so that they’re active and don’t spend their whole Summer watching TV and playing video games. Here’s how to polish rocks for a fun Summer activity with your kids. 

Collect Rocks

This part is fun! Have your kids help you go around the yard and pick out rocks that would be fun to polish. Go on a hike and find rocks along the way. That way you’ll have even more time together, your hike and the time you spend together collecting rocks. Have each child find several rocks for themselves. Rocks that are cool shapes or colors are the most fun to polish. 

Sand Your Rocks

First you’ll need to sand the rocks to make them smooth. You might need several different grits of sandpaper to get the job done. Use a low grit, or really rough sandpaper first. This will give the rock the shape you want it to have. Then you can switch to a higher grit to really smooth out the rock. This step can take a lot of time if you’re trying to significantly change the shape of the rock. Be patient and your hard work will pay off! The more you sand your rock, the smoother it will turn out.

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Wash Your Rocks

Next you need to wash your rocks thoroughly. All the sanding makes the rocks really dusty. Make sure all the dirt, grime, and sand is off of them. Scrub them with a dish scrubber if there’s something that’s really stuck on there. Finally, after your rocks are all clean it’s time to polish! 

Polish Your Rocks

Car wax works really well to polish rocks. Get a rag and put a small dot of wax on it. You don’t need a lot of wax to get the job done. Then rub the wax into your rock. Work hard to make sure that all the wax is absorbed into the rock. When the rock is nice and shiny, you’re finished! It’s important to know that if you’re polishing rocks without an actual rock polishing machine, they won’t look as shiny as the ones you can buy in the store. You’ll spend a lot of time polishing if you’re trying to make your rocks look like that.

Summing Up

Kids can spend a lot of time sitting indoors during the Summer. If your kids are bored and looking for something new to try, have them try polishing their own rocks. They’ll love finding their own rocks to polish! It’s fun to look for colorful rocks or rocks that have a cool shape. This activity will get your kids outside and having a blast. If your family gets really into polishing rocks you may even want to invest in a rock polisher to get the shiniest rocks ever! You don’t need to be an expert to polish rocks, all you need is a good attitude for a good time. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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