17 Awesome Ideas for DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

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Everybody wants to have a great design for their backyard, but sometimes this can be rather costly. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget. Today we are going to have a look at some of them and see how can we adapt them to our own garden.

Are the Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget Also Applicable to Backyard Landscaping?

When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space, simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget can indeed translate well to the backyard. By utilizing cost-effective techniques such as strategic plant placement, DIY hardscaping projects, and creative use of materials, you can achieve a cohesive and budget-friendly landscape design that extends from the front to the back.

How to: DIY Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

1. Use Lemongrass

Instead of trying out expensive sprays or solutions for keeping mosquitoes at bay, you could just plant lemongrass. Get a mature plant from a grocery store or Asian market. Take care of it when you get home: remove the dead parts and trim the tops of the plant. Place it in a clear jar of water, on a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight. In a couple of weeks, you will notice it has roots and you can transplant it to your garden.
DIY lemongrass pots in a garden
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2. Rinsing Place

Many people build their own rinsing place by using cement and a structure. However, this can be quite costly and it may require affecting the landscape. An inexpensive alternative is to use a waterproof frame and some flat stones. You can use a wooden frame from an old furniture item, for instance, but make sure you make it waterproof, otherwise, it will rot in time. Fill it up with flat stones and bring the hose closer to it.

3. Tree Chandelier

If you want to have a chandelier in the backyard, but you don’t have electricity available there, you should try another solution. Take an old piece you’re not using and replace the light bulbs with cheap solar lights. In this way, you will get enough light in your backyard without paying for light bulbs or even electricity. Make sure you place it somewhere nice.

4. Use Mirrors

One of the best ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget is to use mirrors. They may not be as easy to place as it is indoors, but you should still use them. Most people reuse the ones they have after redecorating, for instance. Use old window frames and set the mirrors in them. Set the frames on your fence. This will create the illusion of a bigger garden. However, make sure they are protected during hail storms or strong winds, or simply take them inside if that happens.
Mirror placed on a fence
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5. Mirrored Lawn Ornaments

Those fancy mirrored lawn ornaments can be rather expensive sometimes, depending on the store. However, you can make your own. Buy some orbs in different sizes and looking-glass spray paint. Then, simply paint them and let them dry. Voila, you have your own mirrored orbs with a minimum investment of money and effort.

6. Make a Chair Swing

If you want to make a swing for your children or grandchildren, you can use an old chair. Cut out the legs on an old chair and paint it in a beautiful color. Kids will love a flashy color, such as yellow, bright green, red, etc. Place two wooden planks under the chair for extra safety. Then simply tie ropes on the ends of the planks and hang it somewhere. However, keep in mind that it’s not designed for older kids, so think about their weight.

7. Skateboard Swing

This idea on DIY backyard landscaping on a budget is easier to do than the chair one. If you have an old skateboard, you can take out the wheels. Drill four holes into the plank and use some strong rope. Pull the rope through the holes and hang the swing from a tree. Just like with the previous idea, remember that you must consider the children’s weight and age when letting them use it.

8. Pallet Swing

If you have several children and you want to make a swing for all of them, you can use a pallet. In this case, you should consider using a stronger rope, since the weight of the pallet is already bigger. Alternatively, you can also use some plastic or rubber string. Moreover, this one can be used by adults as well. Just make sure that the tree branch where you hang it is solid enough.
DIY garden swing
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9. Rock-Climbing Wall

Another distraction you can place in the backyard garden is a rock-climbing wall. Moreover, it’s not expensive at all. Buy some ply board and some wall grips from any Lowe’s or from eBay. Paint it in a beautiful color and attach it to a fence or the side of your home. A useful tip for this project is to cock the holes with silicone if you want to keep it from rotting out.

10. Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Yet another of the most useful ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget is to use glow-in-the-dark paint. It’s quite cheap and you can use it to coat planters. It will create some instant lighting at night and it’s easy to do as well. If you want to go extra, you can use it for various furniture items as well, such as one of the best backyard swing sets.

11. Hammock Stakes

If you’re a fan of DIY backyard landscaping on a budget, then you must know that hammocks are great for a garden. They can help you unwind and they’re great for when you have guests as well. Place various stakes and secure them well in place. Ideally, they should be quite thick and deep into the ground for more stability. You can place a central one and three others at an equal distance from it. In this way, you can hang three hammocks next to each other.
DIY hammock with stakes
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12. Outdoor Water Bed

This is one of the ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget that adults will appreciate too. You need two plastic sheets cut to the size you want the bed to be. Use parchment paper and place it on the plastic. Iron the parchment paper and the plastic will melt, thus sealing the final bed. Cut a hole in the bed for the hose to get in. Optionally, you can use duct tape to seal the hole for the hose afterward. Moreover, you can place it at the end of the slide, since many of the best backyard playground sets include one.

13. Throw Pillows

Instead of spending money on the expensive, fancy throw pillows you can find in stores, you can make your own. Simply use some fabric from an old piece of clothing, fill it up with material and spray it to make it waterproof. It’s a good idea to use patches from different clothes, in this way you will have more colorful throw pillows. Plus, you can use rags or soft materials you don’t need for the filling.

14. Toadstools

Toadstools represent one of the ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget that children will love. You just need some old wooden salad bowls, paint, duct tape, a log, and a screw. Take the salad bowls, make sure they are clean and spray paint them whatever color you want. A good combination would be using red paint and white duct tape, for instance. Cut the duct tape into smaller or bigger circles and stick it to the painted bowls. Finally, turn them upside down and screw them into the log. Now you have some pretty toadstools to decorate your garden.

15. Painted Stones

If you chose a backyard landscape that relies on plenty of stones, an inexpensive idea to make them more appealing is to paint them. You only need plenty of creativity. For instance, you can use various colors and paint a small M on them to make the stones look like M&Ms. Or draw circles, spots, lines, anything you want. Place them strategically throughout the garden and you will notice how they can brighten up the backyard space.
Painted stones for the garden
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16. Flowers and Vases

One of our last ideas for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget is using vases and flowers. It’s suitable for a party, but you can also use it daily. Take vases of various sizes and tie them to your fence. Then, fill them with different plants or flowers. The more colorful, the better. You will probably want to use some rope to tie the flowers to the fence as well, especially if they are taller.

17. Spray-Paint Chairs

The metal folding chairs everybody has in their backyard can be quite boring. However, using some spray paint on them makes them stand out. It’s an original way of coloring your garden without spending too much money. You can paint them all in one color or simply choose one color for each chair. Obviously, they will look great if you throw an outdoor party.
Garden metal chairs and table painted white
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If you are looking for DIY backyard landscaping on a budget, rest assured that there are plenty of ideas out there to satisfy you. Spray paint is a great tool for almost anything, from swings for children to chairs, stools, stones, and other ornaments. Similarly, you can also use mirrors or looking-glass paint to bring more shine and the illusion of a bigger backyard. Finally, remember that safety is the most important factor to consider, especially if you’re crafting things for your children to play with. Image source: 1
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