17 Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

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Landscaping is a great thing that offers you a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating your space. However, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to have a beautiful result. Luckily, there are plenty of accessible front yard landscaping ideas on a budget that can help you get some inspiration.

Can the Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Fire Pit be Applied in a Front Yard on a Budget?

When it comes to budget-friendly landscaping, implementing backyard landscaping ideas for fire pits in a front yard can be a creative choice. By repurposing materials, opting for affordable resources, and strategic planning, you can transform your front yard into a welcoming space with a fire pit. From DIY pallet seating to incorporating gravel pathways, there are various cost-effective options to explore while keeping the focus on your fire pit.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget to Inspire You

1. Improve What You Have

Perhaps the simplest front yard landscaping ideas on a budget refer to improving what you already have around your home. Starting from scratch with the décor will surely cost you a lot of money. That’s why the first step you need to take is identifying the unaesthetic areas in your front yard. An easy trick to identify these spots is to take photos of the front yard. In this way, it’s easier to see what parts don’t fit the bigger picture. Perhaps a corner could be lightened up with just a colorful plant, or you need to trim the lawn.

2. Use Perennial Plants

This type of plants can save you a lot of money since they come back every year. On the contrary, if you choose annuals, you will have to replace them yearly. Perennials need less maintenance and can come in plenty of shapes, colors, and sizes. Depending on the landscaping ideas for the front porch you like, you can choose between shrubs or flowers. Here you have a brief list of perennials:
  • Daisies;
  • Poppy;
  • Lavender;
  • Saffron;
  • Catmint;
  • Sage;
  • Agave, etc.
front yard landscaping ideas on a budget green bushes in front of home

3. Use Native Species

Another one of the simplest front yard landscaping ideas on a budget is to plant native species. They are already accustomed to the climate, so they need less maintenance. Moreover, they don’t have the kind of problems or pests that come with an exotic species. If you’re not sure what species are native to your area, you can ask at the local nursery or a lawn care professional. It’s a good idea to ask for help from landscaping professionals since they use information such as soil conditions, the angle at which the sun hits your lawn and other details to assess what are the best plants to use.

4. Use Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses may represent quite a large investment in the beginning, but they’re excellent if you want to save money and water. The sprinkler water usually evaporates before fully covering the plants. On the other hand, with a soaker hose, you bring the water near the roots. Thus, you save money on a sprinkler system or the effort of hand watering every day.

5. Plant Young Trees

Many gardeners choose front yard landscaping ideas on a budget that can last for years to come. One such example is planting young trees. They are less expensive than buying and planting a grown tree. Moreover, if you plant them next to your home, they can help you save money on air conditioning or heating. However, you need to make sure that the tree won’t grow too long and affect your home exterior. If you don’t know what species to choose, it’s better to ask an arborist. front yard landscaping ideas on a budget front yard pathway

6. Multiple Uses

Another great idea is to use one thing for multiple purposes. For example, a simple wooden box you have lying around can serve as a planter and a hose holder. Get creative with the storage spaces you have around and improvise, instead of buying new planters or pots. Masking unaesthetic areas isn’t easy if you’re a crafty person and love playing around with paper and materials.

7. Seed or Sod a Lawn

A lawn can represent a significant change in the way your front yard looks. Whether you should seed or sod it depends on the area you want to cover and the time you have. If you choose to seed it, it will be less expensive, but it will take more time. There is no right way to do it, you just need to see what options work best for you.

8. Use Rocks and Pebbles

If a lawn isn’t one of the front yard landscaping ideas on a budget that appeals to you, you can try replacing it with rocks and pebbles. It’s simple and inexpensive to add boulders or stones to the landscape, depending on the area you have. There are lots of landscape materials suppliers that offer good prices for these, so you can surely find a type that matches your style. If you don’t like the real ones, there are also some plastic or composite alternatives. Moreover, you don’t need to offer them any maintenance. front yard landscaping ideas on a budget front yard flowers

9. Add Stepping Stones

These represent a great addition to any green or stone lawn. If you need to connect two elements in your design, choose stepping stones for it. There are various ways to approach this, whether you want to dig holes and pour cement or simply buy stones and place them in the yard.

10. Temporary Spray Paint

A cheap and fast method to give your front yard a makeover is to use temporary spray paint. Edging your elements will make everything look more professional. Use white paint for the rocks set around a flower bed or a tree. It makes an interesting contrast with a green lawn, for example. You can also use the spray paint to revamp old furniture. If you have an old chair, you can cover it with a bright color and use it as a pot holder, for instance. front yard landscaping ideas on a budget green lawn in front of a house

11. Create Garden Paths

Paths are useful for setting a certain order in your front yard. Geometrical shapes are very useful for dividing areas and splitting different types of plants. Moreover, you just need some stones to delimit them. If you don’t live in a rainy area, you can just leave the soil like that. Alternatively, delimit the path with some evergreen bushes or tall plants.

12. Use Lights

Ambient or Christmas lights are other front yard landscaping ideas on a budget you’re going to love. If you already have a couple of trees growing around your house, you can simply throw on them a set of Christmas lights. The golden light will give your front yard a magical glow and all your guests will love the simple, yet elegant décor.

13. Schedule Your Purchases

When it comes to redesigning your front yard, you may need to buy plenty of things. However, if you’re not pressured by time, you can schedule the purchases according to the budget. Time them well, so that you won’t need to buy and install it all at once. Think about buying young plants in small pots, and not mature ones in large pots. You can only pay a third of the price this way. Remember to add the maintenance costs as well. front yard landscaping ideas on a budget front yard steps

14. Create Mosaics

Another great idea to change your front yard landscape is to create stone mosaics. Use pavers and place them a little bit apart to create some visual interest in your lawn. Alternatively, you can shatter a huge block of cement and place the pieces here and there. From here, you can start using your imagination. Place colorful pebbles in between them to add a modern touch.

15. Reuse What You Have around

Do you have an old guitar? An old box? Whatever it is, test your creativity and see what can be made of the old item. For example, a guitar can be turned into a planter. You can add a layer of transparent lacquer to make it look more attractive, fill it up with soil and plant beautiful flowers in it. Anything can be transformed with a little bit of effort and imagination, so you don’t need to buy new planters if you want to redesign your front yard. front yard landscaping ideas on a budget huge lawn in front of a home partly hidden by a tree

16. Recycle Wood Planks

If you have some old planks lying around, you can combine them and make up a new fence. You don’t even need to revamp them or anything, just place them one on top of the other until you reach the desired height. If you don’t like the grunge aspect, you can paint them all in the same color or different colors.

17. Add a Pond

A pond is not so complicated to make, and it’s one of the front yard landscaping ideas on a budget that attracts plenty of gardeners. There are lots of tutorials online on how to make your own pond, like this one: Depending on the type you want, you may need to spend a little more on it. For example, if you want to add fish, you need to include extra costs. Different herbs and algae can also up your budget. However, it’s a great area to further expand your design, with lilies and other special plants.


There are plenty of front yard landscaping ideas on a budget you can choose from if you’re feeling like redesigning your outdoors. From using stone mosaics to installing a lawn, you don’t need to spend a fortune to redesign your front yard. Get creative and reuse whatever furniture items you have around the house instead of throwing them away, such as a guitar, old chairs, cabinets, etc. Images source: depositphotos.com
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