14 Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit
A fire pit can completely change the aspect of your backyard. It’s not complicated to add one, but it makes the entire space look and feel more welcoming. Moreover, it can be a cooking source, as well as a heating one for the cold evenings you want to spend outside. Today we are going to show you some tips on what to keep in mind when choosing the fire pit. Next, we will suggest you a couple of backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit.
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Are Fire Pits Suitable for Small Backyards?

Fire pits can indeed be suitable for small backyards, and there are various small backyard landscaping ideas to incorporate them. Opt for compact fire pit designs, such as tabletop or bowl-shaped ones, that take up minimal space. Create a cozy and functional outdoor seating area around the fire pit while making the most of your limited backyard space.

Tips for Choosing the Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Fire Pit

1. The Appropriate Type

It’s important to choose the right type for your needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market, such as prefab fire pits, built-in or portable ones. The latter option is great if you also intend to use it indoors, for instance.
Round and cozy fire pit
Image source

2. Size

Depending on the space you have available, you can choose a bigger or smaller fire pit. Moreover, keep in mind the number of guests you usually have. You should also consider the arrangement of the seating, as well as the height.

3. Do You Need a Fire Pit?

Many people are confused when it comes to choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace. Ideally, you should make a list of pros and cons and see which one is better for your space.

4. Fuel Options

Just like there are plenty of fire pit types to choose from, there are also various choices when it comes to fuel. Whether you choose ethanol, gas, propane or wood, make sure you respect the safety requirements.

5. The Best Location

When choosing the location, you must think about safety first. If you have children, make sure they can’t reach the fire easily or can’t play right next to it. Then, consider the space availability, namely where you can place it without wasting space.
Fire pit and space with brown and beige stone design
Image source

6. Local Building Codes

Some states have special regulations when it comes to backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit. You may not be allowed to use a certain type of material or fuel. For this reason, it’s better to inquire with the authorities and see if there is any mention in the law about it.

7. Cost Ranges

Naturally, various types of fire pits will have different prices. That’s why it’s better to plan it in advance and see an estimated final cost. The cost can also shift if you choose different fuels, materials, etc.

8. Fill Materials

The most important thing here is that you choose a fire pit fill material that is pleasing from an aesthetic point of view but also heat-absorbent. Some options you have are recycled glass, lava rock or river rock.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Fire Pit to Inspire You

1. U-Shaped Seating

One of the best backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit is to choose a U-shaped seating around the firepit. Whether you prefer a more rounded shape or a more rectangular one, this arrangement lets everybody feel the heat.
Stone fire pit with chairs
Image source

2. Fire Pit Under the Gazebo

Quite an unorthodox choice, placing the fire pit under the patio gazebo ensures you can use it any time, regardless of the weather. What can be more beautiful than standing next to a fire when it’s raining? However, make sure all the safety requirements are met, to avoid any unhappy accident.

3. Earthy Design

Another one of the best backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit is to choose an earthy design. Choose a fire pit made of crushed stone, for example. Complete the design with a rustic picnic table. You can also add a fire circle made of natural stone for a raw touch. Moreover, you can choose the garden furniture to have earthy tones as well.

4. Fire Sculpture

Looking for the artistic backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit? Well, you’ve just found them! One of the best is choosing a fire sculpture. Instead of a regular fire pit, you can choose an original shape. The fire climbs up the structure and it offers the same warmth and light as usual. Many people appreciate this option for its originality.

5. Sunken Fire Pit

A fire pit sunken into the ground is great for warming your feet on chilly days. It’s easier to reach it and you can also roast some marshmallows if you’re in the mood for it. However, it’s not a wise choice if you have children or pets since they might trip or fall over the pit.
Sunken gas fire pit
Image source

6. Elegant Scrollwork

If you already have a cast iron garden furniture, then you can go for a fire pit with some elegant scrollwork. For instance, you can have the base made of bluestone, topped with some wrought iron elegant models. This is suitable for a vintage look as well, depending on your preferences.

7. Modern Fire Pit

One of the most interesting backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit is to use a modern chimney. You can recognize a modern fire pit by its smooth lines and minimalistic look. Some of them look very futuristic and come in simple colors. White is an exquisite choice if you want to go extra. Pair it with a couple of lime green chairs and you will have a modern backyard.

8. Fire Wall

Instead of going for the regular backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit, you should try a fire wall. If you are building a wall or simply have one with a sunken portion in it, you can create your own fire wall. Place the glass-tiled surface in it and then set up the fire. The best advantage with this option is the fact that it allows you to use much more fire in your backyard than you would with a regular fire pit.
Warm fire pit with flames and wood
Image source

9. Gabion Fire Pit

In case you haven’t heard about it until now, you should know that gabion is an Italian word that designates a cage full of rocks. In fact, this is a method commonly used for walls and dams. Now you can use it for your fire pit design as well. You can make yourself or buy a wooden or metal cage and fill it with rocks. Above, place some more rocks and create the fire pit. However, make sure you start filling it exactly where you want to keep it, otherwise, it would be too heavy to move afterward.

10. Fire Pit Coffee Table

You can set a circle (or a rectangle) of white marble around the fire pit. This is useful as a coffee table, and you can keep your drinks warm next to the fire. At the same time, you can place decorative items on it, but make sure they won’t be damaged by the flames.

11. Industrial Fire Pit Design

Yet another one of the original backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit includes this industrial design. If you’ve recently build your home and have some materials left, repurpose them for this spot. A concrete slab can be the perfect base for the pit. Instead of a regular pit, go for an aluminum or steel pipe, for instance. Drill big holes into the pipe to let the fire out and you’re set. Add some rough rocks next to the pipe. Indeed, it’s harder to obtain this look, but it’s totally worth it.

12. Water Fire Pit

An interesting and original idea is to place water around the fire pit. This is a safety measure, as well as a great design idea. Create a small ditch around the fire pit and fill it with water. Add some small stones in the water for a more natural look. If you want to go extra, you can include a waterfall. Your guests will surely be jealous!
Wild natural design with stone fire pit
Image source

13. Fire Pit Levels

As opposed to the sunken fire pit, this option relies on several levels. You can include some stairs that go down towards the fire, surrounded by other steps where you can place cushions. Of course, this presupposes you have enough space to build these levels. You can also create levels out of wood planks, but you must make sure they don’t catch fire.

14. Old Vessel Fire Pit

If you happen to have an old vessel lying around, it’s the perfect solution for yet another original fire pit. You need to make sure the vessel is quite stable on the ground. A round bottom can trick you, so create a stone base, for example. Metal circles placed around it are a great addition as well. Remember that metal is a great heat conductor, so you may burn yourself if you touch the vessel directly.


First, it’s important to consider a couple of things before choosing the right design for your backyard. Keep in mind the size and the material of the fire pit. A pit that is too large will be distasteful and even dangerous for your backyard. Also, choose the right fill materials and make sure that your plan respects the local building codes. Finally, you can get some inspiration for your future fire pit design from the suggestions above. Whether you prefer a traditional look with an old vessel, an earth-like one with stones and natural elements or an industrial one with concrete and pipes, make sure you choose what suits your backyard best. Image source: 1

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