The Different Types of Hedge Trimmers

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Hedge trimmers make a variety of jobs a lot easier. You don’t need to get out your pruners and start hacking away branches that will take hours and hours. Simply use a hedge trimmer to do all the dirty work for you. There are a couple of different types of hedge trimmers and each type has its own set of pros and cons. Here are the different types of hedge trimmers and what you need to know about each.

Different Types of Hedge Trimmers

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

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Quiet Motor
Since a corded hedge trimmer is electric, it’s a lot quieter than other types of hedge trimmers, which we will discuss shortly. There isn’t a loud engine that you’ll need to wear ear protection for, although if you have sensitive ears you might want to wear some anyway. People that don’t like the loud sound of power tools might want to consider getting a corded electric hedge trimmer. Other people have a fear of disturbing their neighbors with loud trimming. You won’t disturb anyone with a quiet corded electric hedge trimmer.
Environmentally Friendly
These hedge trimmers are better for the environment because electric hedge trimmers do not put out any emissions. It’s important to try to take care of the environment as best we can and maybe using a power tool with fewer emissions will help with that. Use this type of hedge trimmer if going green is really important to you.
Increased Amps
This type of hedge trimmer has more amps than others. A corded electric hedge trimmer is able to tackle larger and tougher tasks! Don’t hold back and let all of your trimming wishes come true. Start trimming your bushes or trees to make your yard look manicured just like a professional did it.


Limited Mobility
You’ll have to keep your hedge trimmer plugged in all the time because that’s how it receives power. That means you can only go as far as the cord will let you. You will probably have to get a lot of extension cords to be able to go everywhere you want to go with your hedge trimmer. It’s also a little harder to get jobs done with the cord in the way. It’s easy to get the cord tangled up as you try to trim hedges.

Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmers

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Better Mobility
A cordless power tool means you can go anywhere with it! Feel free without a cord holding you back. There won’t be any tangling or tripping over a cord and you’ll have complete freedom to do the projects you desire. It’s easy to manipulate a cordless tool because there’s nothing to get in the way.
Quiet Motor
Again, an electric motor is much quieter than other hedge trimmers. If a quiet motor is important to you, you’ll definitely want to get an electric hedge trimmer.
Environmentally Friendly
Electric motors are also better for the environment. Electric hedge trimmers whether they are corded or cordless, do not put out any emissions so you won’t have to worry about any stinky exhaust.


Battery Life
A cordless electric hedge trimmer has a battery so that it doesn’t need to be plugged into an electric source. The problem with this is that you can only work as long as the battery has power. Corded electric trimmers can have continuous power as long as it stays plugged in. This means you won’t have to stop working. The battery on a cordless electric trimmer can run out of juice, then you’ll have to stop working until your battery is revived. It might take you longer to complete a job because you’ll have to stop every time the battery needs to be charged.
Weaker Engine
The cordless electric hedge trimmer has a weaker engine so big, tough jobs are harder to complete. However, they’re great for trimming small bushes or hedges. Cordless electric trimmers will not be able to tackle thick, tall, or large bushes. Consider getting another type of hedge trimmer if you’ll need lots of power.

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

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Gas hedge trimmers have a lot of power. These trimmers can tackle any size of a job, there are none too big. Trim the largest of the large bushes and the gas-powered hedge trimmer will still be hungry for more. It easily hacks through any thickness or size of a bush, without skipping a beat. People that want the most powerful hedge trimmer should consider getting a gas-powered one.
The gas-powered trimmer does more cuts per minute so you’ll be able to cut through bushes in no time at all! These kinds of hedge trimmers make big, tough jobs quick and easy. If you’ve got no shortage of tough trimming projects at home, this is probably the best hedge trimmer for you.


Loud Motor
This motor is really loud and will require proper ear protection. People all around your neighborhood will hear your hedge trimmer if it’s gas powered. That doesn’t bother some people but it does others. Some people would rather have a noisy but quick and powerful hedge trimmer than a weak but quiet one.
Less Environmentally Friendly
Because this is a gas-powered power tool, it’s going to have exhaust. This exhaust isn’t particularly good for the environment. It’s a thick, black smog that comes out of the machine and can make you smell like it for the rest of the day. Yeah, it’s a stinky situation but the job you’re working on will be easier and will take less time.

What is the Best Method for Removing Tree Stumps Using Hedge Trimmers?

When it comes to methods for removing tree stumps, using hedge trimmers is an efficient option. These versatile tools can swiftly cut through the stump, making removal easier. By carefully trimming away the excess wood, you can gradually expose the stump’s roots, allowing for more effective extraction. Hedge trimmers provide a practical and accessible solution for tackling tree stumps in your yard.

More Things to Consider

There are a bunch of little features that different hedge trimmers will have to make your job easier.


Some hedge trimmers will have built-in levels to help you make perfectly even and straight cuts.


Anti-vibration handles make the tool easier to hold so that you can prune and trim a lot easier.

Rotating Handles

Rotate the handles then make cuts horizontally or vertically.

Debris Shields

This is a little shield on the hedge trimmer that protects your hands from flying debris.

Summing Up

Different types of hedge trimmers work differently. They all have good and bad things about them. You need to decide which features are the most important to you and that’ll help you know which hedge trimmer is right for you. Do you want an environmentally safe machine? Maybe you need the most powerful and speedy machine. Perhaps a quiet machine is what you’re looking for. Do you need to tackle small or large jobs? There’s something out there for you, no matter what you’re looking for. Related Article: Best Hedge Trimmer: Top 10 Reviewed and Our Pick
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