Cast Iron Garden Furniture: 4 Ideas for an Antique Look

cast iron turquoise garden set
How many of us can pride themselves in having really good looking cast iron furniture? Very few can. Cast iron distresses surprisingly easily because of weather conditions. Rain, snow, and the sunshine don’t help it at all. But what if we were to tell you that you can use those weather conditions to your advantage? Here are four ideas to give your cast iron garden furniture an antiquated look.

Are Rattan Garden Furniture Pieces More Comfortable than Cast Iron Furniture?

When it comes to outdoor comfort, rattan garden furniture enhances backyard ambiance seamlessly. Compared to cast iron furniture, rattan pieces provide a more comfortable seating experience. The flexible nature of rattan allows for better support and cushioning, ensuring a relaxing time spent in your garden. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal with rattan furniture.

Cast Iron Garden Furniture Ideas

#1. Cheshire Cat Turquoise for a Smashing Tea Party

This Alice in Wonderland cast iron garden set will make all your guests gasp as soon as they enter your garden. It will be perfect for tea parties as well as for simple gatherings with your friends for cocktails and good conversation. All you need to do is paint your cast iron furniture a lovely shade of turquoise and add some colorful pillows. You can use the pattern in the picture we chose, or you can imagine a new and personal one. Cast iron garden furniture Can’t find a turquoise set? No problem. One’s like Oakland Living 3-Piece Rose Bistro Set with 23.5-Inch Cast aluminum Top Table can easily be spray painted any color you like.

#2. Louis the XVI

Bringing back the lavish and glamorous style of Louis the XVI is always a good idea. Here is a French-inspired jardinière mirroring the style of that period. It is a fantastic piece of cast iron garden furniture which you can distress and paint as you wish. You can also fill it with flowers or even grow aromatic herbs for your cooking in it. Get a similarly sophisticated French-inspired look with a Traditional French Style Rustic Outdoors Luxembourg Planter Home Garden. Cast iron garden furniture

#3. The Roaring Twenties

The Jazz Age was one of the most amazing periods in history and for good reason. The architecture, art, and design from that period came together to form the famous Art Nouveau style. Here is a superb minimalist example of an outdoor table from that period. Paint it in gray or white and add a Roman-inspired small jardinière on top for a mesmerizing natural effect. Don’t forget the candles for the evening time or some string lights above it. Cast iron garden furniture

#4. Anthemion Design

The anthemion design comes to us through the vast ages of time from the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It consists of a particular number of radiating petals from a central stem. In our case, here is a gorgeous example of an anthemion design bench, radiating from a tree. Even though the Romans and the Greeks used this design mostly for pottery, it seeped through the culture barriers and landed in furniture design. Cast iron garden furniture Get the look with Santa Fe Cast Aluminum Garden Bench Take advantage of this cast iron garden furniture idea and make yours look really antique. Here are our four cast iron garden furniture ideas for an antique look to your garden. Instead of picking just one, we suggest you use them all and create your very own corner of heaven. Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
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