8 Fun and Creative Things to Make out of Acorns with Your Kids

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Acorns are oddly shaped nuts that fall off of oak trees. If you have ever seen an oak tree with acorns you know how many can grow and fall off. There are hundreds of acorns all over the ground in the Fall. Although Fall is months away, you can still plan some fun activities with your kids that use acorns. Here are 8 fun and creative things to make out of acorns with your kids. 

Painted Acorns

Have your kids paint the acorns anyway they like. They can have total creative freedom and make the acorn look however they want it to. These make a fun and unique Fall decoration for your house too!

Acorn Dolls

The cutest part about acorns is the little hat they come with. The top of an acorn looks like a tiny little hat and you can use this to make little dolls. Take off the top of the acorn and use it for a hat on small dolls. You can make a little doll out of pom poms and put the acorn cap on top.

Image Source: Flickr

Acorn Bird Nest

Make a tiny and cute bird nest with the acorn cap. Turn the acorn cap upside down and fill it with little eggs. This also makes a cute fall decoration for your house. Grab a small twig and glue the nest to the twig. This will make the twig look like a tiny tree.

Acorn Picture Frame

Make an acorn picture frame by simply gluing the tops of acorns to a picture frame. Get a plain, cheap picture frame from a dollar store and go to town decorating. It’s an easy and cheap activity that your kids will love.

Acorn Jewelry

You can make fun bracelets and necklaces out of acorns. Use the acorns as beads for a unique bracelet. Necklaces are easy to make too! All you have to do is glue a hook to the top of an acorn and put some yarn or a string through the hook. Easy and cute!

Image Source: onetenzeroseven.com

Acorn Christmas Ornament

Glue ornament hooks to the top of the acorns for a rustic and woodsy Christmas tree. Have your kids decorate the acorns and then decorate the tree. They’ll have fun making the Christmas tree look the way they want.

Acorn Friends

Put googly eyes on your acorns and put a little smile on them. You’ll have little acorn buddies for your kids to play with. They’ll love using their imagination to play with their tiny friends. You can also glue feathers, yarn, or other decorations to them.

Tiny Tea Set

You can make an itty bitty tea set with acorns! Use the tops of acorns to make little tea cups. The handles can be made out of clay or wire. Maybe your acorn friends can have a tea party together. Kids would love this tiny tea set. 

Image Source: Twig and Toadstool

Summing Up

There are so many fun things you can do with acorns. The good thing about acorns is that there is no shortage of them if you live near an oak tree. There is also no shortage of things to make out of acorns with your kids. They’ll love being creative and finding new things to create. Gather a lot of acorns and try making all sorts of different things. Your kids will love it!

Image Source: Pixabay

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