Easy Ways to Use Succulents Around the House


Now that the fall and winter seasons are upon us, it can feel a bit sad that we won’t be surrounded by our favorite garden flowers. One great way to bring the garden inside and make your home more attractive is to add succulents to an indoor garden. The best part is that there are so many unique and creative ways to add these plants to your home, so every style can benefit from these year-round gardens.

I found just a few unique styles to demonstrate that the possibilities are endless. You just need a few seedlings or cuttings of succulents and an interesting pot or cup to plant them in. These plants easily adapt to the shallow planters and in turn, bring style, relaxation, and positivity to any room.

Vintage Teacup Succulents

teacup succulents

Image Source: Pinterest

Do you love antiques or vintage style? I love this style and I think these would be an easy way to add a touch of class to any room. Simply find some cute teacups from an antique store and fill them with different varieties of succulents to create this unique arrangement. I could see this working with different cups as well if you prefer a more mix-and-match style. Use this as a table centerpiece or a shelf arrangement for an instant a touch of style.

Lantern Succulents

lanterns with succulents

Image Source: Pewter and Sage

This is a great addition to your living room or den! Take a decorative lantern and add a few varieties of succulents to the inside. This becomes a great accent piece for the coffee table or hearth near the fireplace (but – be sure to keep it away from the heat if you have a fire.) This is a perfect suggestion for me as I have two lanterns that I was given as a gift last year. While one has a candle inside, I think adding a succulent arraignment to the other lantern will add a perfect touch of interest to my family room!

Living Picture Frame Succulents

living picture succulents

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens

This shadowbox style picture frame allows succulents to grow in any room. Visit the Better Homes and Gardens tutorial to learn how to build this chic “living” picture frame. While this approach is a little more work than finding pots around the house, once it is complete, you can hang this beautiful picture frame on any sunny wall to add the feeling of a garden.

Cork Magnet Succulents

corks succlent

Image Source: IdeaStand

Wine is fine! The best way to remember the good times with the girls is to collect the wine corks for this adorable succulent arrangement. Simply clear out the inside of the cork with a corkscrew and fill with a tiny succulent. Glue a magnet to the back and voila! You have an adorable succulent arrangement that is perfect for any refrigerator or metal surface.

Wrapping Up

As you can see the ideas to have an indoor succulent garden are endless! Succulents around the home are such a great way to bring peace and relaxation to any room and add a unique style to any décor.

Do you have any more ideas of containers for succulents? We’d love to hear about it in the comments or on the Backyard Masters Facebook page.

Author Bio: Tracy Weber is the owner of the Janet & Clarence Guest Blog Network, sharing ideas from lifestyle, health & wellness and motivational bloggers.

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