What to Include in a Treehouse to Make It the Ultimate Kid Play Place

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Treehouses are a place where kids can let their imaginations run wild and free. Oftentimes treehouses are a place that kids can use as a getaway when they’re afraid or angry. Treehouses are so great for children to be able to play games and have fun. If you are considering building a treehouse for your kids, there are lots of fun things that you could include that would love. Here’s what to include in a treehouse to make it the ultimate kid play place.

A Pirate Ship Wheel

This is such a fun idea! Put a big wheel at the top of your treehouse so that your kids can pretend like they are steering a ship. This simple wheel will provide hours and hours of fun. They can pretend like they’re steering a pirate ship, or a submarine, or maybe an airplane. They’ll love using their imaginations to figure out what they could use the steering wheel for.

A Ladder

Ladders are a fun way to be able to get inside the treehouse. A ladder makes the treehouse feel more like a cool place to be. Ladders make it feel like a club inside of a place that anyone can go. Putting a ladder on the treehouse will make it feel just a little more special. Make sure you put something soft underneath the treehouse, just in case someone falls off of the ladder. Mulch is a good choice that provides a lot of cushion.


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A Pulley

Put a bucket with a pulley on your treehouse. This way kids don’t have to come all the out of the treehouse to get something. If you want to send lunch up to them you can put it in the bucket and they can pull it up. Kids love doing this! It’s a lot of fun to send secret messages up to them as well. They’ll have a blast receiving messages and sending things down in the bucket.

A Telescope

A telescope is a great way to educate your kids as well as let them have some fun. They can look at the stars and learn about constellations at the same time. Your kids will get a great view of the stars from their treehouse and they’ll love learning about all the different stars and planets. You could even get them a book that will help them find constellations or give them a constellation to try to find all by themselves.

A Birdhouse

A birdhouse is a great way for your kids to see all the different kinds of birds that love their tree. Putting a birdhouse in the treehouse will let the kids get a closer look at what birds do. There might just be a nest in the birdhouse as well. Your kids would be able to watch and see baby birds hatch and grow up. You could find a book that shows all the different birds in your area and see if your kids can spot them all.

Summing Up

Treehouses are a fantastic way to let your kids have fun, use their imaginations, and learn a lot. There are so many fun things to put in your treehouse that your kids would love. All of the things mentioned would be great additions to your treehouse, or great things to consider including if you’re planning on building one. Your kids will never want to come out of their amazing treehouse!

Image Source: Pixabay

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