6 Ways Your Child Can Earn Money This Summer

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If you have a young child who is independent, there are lots of ways they can make their own money for the Summer. Your children can sometimes have limited options because they aren’t old enough for typical jobs at grocery stores or restaurants. Here are 6 ways your child can earn money this Summer.

Open a Stand

A lemonade stand is a classic way to earn money for the Summer. Your child can sell pink lemonade or popsicles too! There are lots of hot people in cars, or kids riding their bikes that will stop by to buy some. Have your kids make the sign and advertise for it. They can put up flyers around the neighborhood. Another great stand to open up is a baked goods stand. Your kids can make all the baked goods themselves, probably with your help. They could sell rice krispies, brownies, cookies, or cupcakes. Have them buy cute little plastic bags to put their finished products in.

ways your child can make money this summer

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Yard Work

There are plenty of people that hate yard work. If you have strong kids that are willing to work hard, this is a good place for them to start. They can weed, mow grass, trim bushes, or edge lawns. Your child could even start their own little business doing yard work and having other people spread the word about their work.

Washing Cars

Get buckets, sponges, and a hose and have your kids stand out by the curb with a sign for their car wash. It’s a lot of fun to wash cars in your swimsuit too so you don’t worry about getting all wet. Let your neighbors know you’re doing a car wash and they’ll probably realize how dirty their car is. Your kids will get to cool off and make money with a car wash.

ways your child can make money this summer

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Pet Sitting

There are plenty of people that go on vacation in the Summer. Finding boarding for your dog is very expensive so most people try to find an alternative. If your child likes animals this is a great job! Most of the time they go over about twice a day to let the pet out to the bathroom, and give it food and water. Your child can be with some animals and get paid for it.

Dog Walking

Another great one for animal lovers. There are some elderly people that can’t get out and walk their dog every day. There might even be a really busy mom that doesn’t have the time to walk their dog sometimes. Your child can take dogs on walks and make sure the dog gets the exercise it needs.

Senior Helper

If there are a lot of elderly people around your neighborhood, this is a great opportunity. Seniors need a lot of help with everyday tasks. Your child can water their plants, unload their dishwasher, take out their trash, clean their windows, or just sit and talk with them. Elderly people love talking to younger people and sometimes all they want is some company.

Summing Up

There are lot of opportunities for your child to earn money this Summer. If your child is saving for something, or just wants some extra cash try one of these options. They might just make a name for themselves and continue to do this work every Summer. The earning potential for these jobs are limitless if your child is hardworking and motivated.

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