Smart Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween Night

safe on Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids. They get to dress up and get candy, why wouldn’t a kid love that? Since it’s so much fun, it can be hard to remember to be safe while you’re running around all excited. There are a couple of things that parents can do that will help their children be safe all throughout the night. Here are some smart ways to keep your kids safe on Halloween night. 

Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Make Sure They Can See and Be Seen

The sun starts going down earlier and earlier this time of year. That means it’s probably going to be dark while your children are trick or treating. Make sure that your children can see well enough to look for cars and anything they could trip over. Masks are cool but they can restrict eyesight. Try using face paint instead of a mask. It’s also important to make sure that your child can be seen by others. A Dracula costume that’s entirely black will be incredibly hard to see by drivers. Have your children wear glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces to help them be more visible. 

Go Trick or Treating in a Group

Never let your children go trick or treating alone. If your children are old enough to go without an adult with them, make sure that they have a large group of friends to go with. If your child doesn’t have a cell phone, let them use one for the night in case of an emergency. Otherwise, it’s probably best for at least one parent to accompany them. The more people that are with your child, the safer they’ll be. Make sure your children know never to go inside someone’s house alone, even if they know the person or are offered a special Halloween treat. Likewise, make sure they know never to approach someone in a car too. 

Be Smart About Their Costume

Make sure that their costume isn’t dragging on the floor or easy to trip on. They should have good walking shoes that fit too. This way it’ll be easy for them to safely cross streets without tripping in the middle of it. It would also be terrible if they tripped and spilled all of their candy. It’s awesome to have a really cool costume, but just make sure that it’s easy to walk in as well. 

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Look Over Their Treats

Throw away any candy or food that is not in a wrapper. This includes things like fruit, cupcakes, brownies, or other things unwrapped. It might be disappointing to throw away yummy treats, but remember that it’s much safer. Glance at all the candy to make sure everything looks nice and sealed up in a wrapper and you’re good to go. 

Have a Way to Contact Them

If your child doesn’t have a cell phone then have another way to get in touch with them. Walkie Talkies work great, but you might have to get one that has a really long range. They might think it’s really fun to be able to talk to you on a walkie-talkie. If you don’t want to buy anything, then just make sure that someone in the group has a cell phone so that you’ll be able to get in contact with your child. 

Summing Up

Halloween is so much fun! Your children get to dress up and bags full of candy all to themselves. However, it’s really important to stay safe on Halloween too. Make sure you take the necessary steps to help your children be cautious and safe. Go over stranger danger rules and make sure they know when they should be home or when to check in with you. Doing these things will ensure that everyone has fun but is also safe on Halloween. 

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