Fun Ideas to Involve Your Toddler in Gardening This Spring

toddler in gardening
Toddlers can be hard to raise. They typically have an idea of what they want to do and won’t stop until they get it. Toddlers can be very stubborn and difficult to handle. However, they can also be very helpful, gentle, and kind. Letting your toddler help you with gardening might be a great way to let them get some fresh air and learn about nature. It might also help them to learn to love gardening. Here are some fun ideas to involve your toddler in gardening this Spring.

Ideas to Involve Your Toddler in Gardening

Let Them Plant a Seed

Give them large seeds that they’ll be able to hold in their hands to plant. Corn is a great thing for toddlers to plant. Then try to explain to them what will happen as you water your seed and as it gets sunlight. They will love looking and investigating to see if their little seed has sprouted. Your toddler will also love watering their seed. Involving your toddler in gardening this way will help them learn a lot about taking care of plants. toddler in gardening, kids, garden

Let Them Dig

Toddlers will spend hours digging around in the dirt. Let them have their own plastic rake, shovel, and bucket. Then designate a little spot of dirt just for them, somewhere you won’t mind getting a little messy. Let them scrape, dig, and scratch. This will create an interest for your toddler in gardening because they will love feeling the dirt and getting to experience it for themselves.

Look for Bugs

This is a classic toddler activity. Try to find as many bugs as you can with your toddler. Then dig for worms and explain to them that worms are good for the garden. Your toddler will love searching for worms and will get excited when they find one. Point out any other bugs you find in the garden. The interest of your toddler in gardening will increase when they can look for bugs.

What are Some Gardening Jobs that I can Involve my Toddler in this Spring?

Looking for gardening tasks for winter that you can involve your toddler in this spring? Start by assigning them the responsibility of watering plants. They can also help with tasks like gathering fallen leaves, planting seeds, and even taking care of small potted plants. These activities will not only develop their motor skills but also cultivate a love for nature from an early age.

Pick Flowers

Let your toddler help you pick out pretty flowers to put inside a vase. Then help them carefully pick the flowers and make sure they get water. Create a nice gift for someone they love or let them keep the flowers to look at and appreciate their beauty. When you involve your toddler in gardening this way, it helps them to recognize the beauty that gardening can bring. toddler in gardening, kids, garden

Have Them Decorate

Give your toddler little garden ornaments to put around the garden. Things like pinwheels or windsocks are things that toddlers love. Let them choose the perfect place for it and appreciate its beauty. This way of involving your toddler in gardening will let them feel independent because they were able to choose where the decorations were placed.

Summing Up

Involving your toddler in gardening is an amazing way for them to learn about the world around them and how things grow. They will love feeling the dirt and learning to water their very own plants. There are a lot of lessons that gardening can teach children as well. Things like dedication, patience, and hard work are all things that a toddler can learn. Try to involve your toddler in gardening this Spring and see how much fun they will have with it.
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