Easy Ideas to Inspire Your Kids to Love Gardening

let kids grow in the garden

In this age of technology it is increasingly difficult to encourage kids to get outside. Many kids have traded their bikes, jump ropes, and swing sets for video games or cell phones. If you have noticed this troubling trend in your own children, do not despair! There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to spend time outside. One way to encourage outdoor time, is by having your kids help with the garden. There are so many benefits for those individuals who choose to garden. Why not inspire your kids to love gardening early in their youth. This article will go over a few easy ideas that will help your kids learn to love gardening.

Grow Easy Plants

The first idea is to pick easy plants! This idea is simple, yet powerful. It is easy to love gardening when you are successful. Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, and snap peas are all easy crops. If you think your kid would prefer working in a flower garden consider growing sunflowers, marigolds, or snap dragons. For hard to kill plants, consider planting succulents like hen and chicks. Look at your climate, and choose plants that will thrive within your zone. It is also important to pick plants that are resistant to frost, pests, or neglect. These are the plants that will inspire your kids to spend less time in front of the TV and more time in their garden. So whether you kids are interested in a flower garden, vegetable garden, or succulent garden, pick plants that are easy to grow.

Give Them Gardening Tools

Another way to teach your kids to love gardening is to give them their own tools. With Christmas around the corner, consider wrapping up their own set of hand tools to place under the tree. This sense of ownership can lead to more responsibility in their gardening. You could also buy them brightly patterned gardening gloves or a  sun hat. Sometimes all it takes to get kids to go outside is to help them dress the part.

Make It Fun!

If you really want your kids to grow a love for gardening, try and make it fun. If they don’t associate working in the garden as a chore, they are more likely to willingly spend time outside. Make working in the garden a fun activity. Put on their favorite music and invite your kids to come outside to help with the weeding and watering. Stay with them and use it as an opportunity to talk to your kids and ask them about their friends, school, or other interests.Lots of kids crave this kind of attention from their parents. When the work is complete, make sure you praise them for their efforts. You could even finish the day off with a cold treat!

Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labors

Lastly, letting the kids enjoy the fruits of their hard work is sure to leave a lasting impression. Everyone loves the reward of fresh fruits and veggies from their garden. Send your kids out to the garden to harvest crops for dinner. Involve them in the preparation of dinner as well. Consider putting extra crops in a basket and delivering them to friends and neighbors. You are sure to get all kinds of compliments when you inform them that your kid grew them in their own garden. If you are growing flowers or succulents, you could display them in vases or pots around the home. Put them in a visible place and make sure you point them out to visitors and friends.

In Conclusion

If you are intentional about your involvement, it is easy to get kids to love gardening. For many seasoned gardeners, they began to love gardening by watching and helping their own parents. Your kids will thank you when they have beautiful gardens to help tend each coming year.

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