How to Plan a Successful Snow Day with Your Kids

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There is nothing more exciting for kids than waking up to see the world covered in snow. Huge snow storms may lead to increased traffic, car accidents, and work delays for adults. However, for kids huge snow storms can mean only one thing: a snow day. Snow days leave many parents wondering what to do with their kids all day while school is cancelled. These once in a lifetime days off of school can become some of your children’s most cherished memories. Here are a few ideas to help you and your kids have a super successful snow day.

Start the Day with a Productive Task

Just because school is cancelled doesn’t mean that there is no work to be done. Before you get started on the fun, encourage your kids to do a few helpful or productive tasks. This could be something as simple as giving them a room inside to tidy up, or asking them to shovel the driveway. Starting the snow day off with a productive task, like they would do if they were in school, gets their minds and bodies ready to learn and play at home.

Plan Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Most likely your kids are dying to go outside and enjoy the foot or two of fresh snow. There are a few ways you can ensure that their time outside is joyful. First step to having fun in the snow is to make sure everyone is warm. This means bundling up on layers and pulling out the waterproof snow pants, winter coats and gloves. The warmer they are, the more time they will spend outdoors. Next, have everyone go to the bathroom BEFORE you put on all the snow gear. There is nothing more frustrating for mom than spending all morning putting on and taking off snow gear over and over again. Once your crew is outside have fun building snowmen, having snowball fights, and going sledding. There is no limit to the fun you can have playing outside on a snow day.

Plan Indoor Activities

While playing in the snow may seem like the highlight of your snow day, you should also have a few indoor activities planned. Inevitably your kids will begin to tire, get hungry, or grow cold and want to come indoors.  Having all your kids cooped up inside could get awfully noisy and chaotic if you don’t have a few activities planned. A snow day is a great day to let your kids exercise their creativity. A quick internet search will give you plenty of ideas for indoor crafts that are sure to be a success. Bring out a roll of butcher paper and tape it to the ground so it is ready to color, paint, or stamp. Another good idea is to involve your kids in a project in the kitchen. Help them read a recipe and whip up a batch of cookies from scratch. For a more quiet indoor activity, give them a new book you can read together.

Take Advantage of Extra Time Together

Many parents may feel frustrated at the inconvenience of a snow day. Although you may have had a busy day planned, don’t be afraid to alter those plans to spend more time with your kids. A snow day could be more than just entertaining your kids, it could be an opportunity to make lasting memories together. Don’t be afraid to pull on your snow gear and play outside with them. Take lots of pictures so everyone can remember this day for years to come. Use this extra day off of school to talk to your kids and get to know them a little better. Try and avoid just plugging them into a TV or tablet all day. Snow days don’t come around very often, so try and make your snow day stand out from any other day.

In Conclusion

Planning and executing a fun and productive snow day, that doesn’t end in you wanting to ship your kids to boarding school, is easier than it sounds. So next time you wake up to a world covered in snow, you don’t have to worry. You now know how to plan a successful snow day with your kids.

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