5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Have Less Screen Time

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It seems as though screens are taking over the world. Everyone has to have a phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a TV. Although screens and technology aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it can become a problem for kids. Kids will spend hours and hours on screens. Sometimes they spend entire days without even going outside. Of course, there are video games and TV shows that are entertaining as well as educational. However, the lack of fresh air and exercise that is the result of increased screen time can also increase laziness and promote weight gain. Here are 5 easy ways to get your kids to have less screen time. 

Ways to Get Your Kids to Have Less Screen Time

Be the Example

If your kids see you spending hours watching TV without doing anything else, they’ll be confused when you tell them they need to get off the TV. Set an example by having a time limit for yourself. Nothing is wrong with watching TV but if it gets excessive, your children will notice. Limit your own screen time and your children will be more likely to follow suit when they see you doing the same. 

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Play with Your Kids

Engage in play with your kids and they will be much less likely to want to have screen time. They will be having too much fun with you to worry about what is on the TV. Play catch, have a tea party, dance to music, or play hide and seek. You will also be developing stronger bonds with your kids while you make some fun memories. 

No TV During Meals

Most of the time, there is a TV playing in the background during a family meal. Turn the TV off and really listen and talk to each other during dinner time. Have the entire family put their phone away during dinner time so that everyone spends time together. There will be no distractions and you’ll see an increase in the quality of the conversation. This will naturally lead to less screen time because you will make an effort to have a screen-free meal time

Have Supplies for Other Activities

A big reason why kids spend a lot of time on screens is that they feel like there is nothing else to do. Prove them wrong by having lots of fun supplies for different activities. Have play dough, board games, books, art supplies, balls, a basketball hoop, or a toy kitchen. Children that have lots of entertainment options will not always flip on the TV when they are bored. They will use their creativity and find something fun to keep them entertained. 

screen time, kids, TV

Be Involved 

It can be easy to turn on a show for your kids if you just need a moment to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little peace and quiet. However, you shouldn’t make this a habit. Be involved in your children’s lives. Talk to them when they get home from school to see how their day went, listen to their problems, give them advice, and spend quality time with them. This will dramatically reduce their screen time because they will go to you before they go to the TV. 

Summing Up

If you want your kids to have less screen time, these tips are a good place to start. You will find that your kids will be much more active and involved with the family the less screen time they have. Try these tips to get your kids to have less screen time and see how they can positively affect the lives of your children. 

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