Fun Activities to Do with Babies in the Fall

activities to do with babies

There are so many fun activities that we do with our kids in the Fall. Unfortunately, most of the activities we plan are for older kids that can do a lot more than babies. Babies need socialization and fun activities too! Although it might not seem like babies can benefit from activities we plan, they definitely can! Each day your baby’s brain is developing and making new connections. Let them discover the world about them by playing and learning. This article will go over some fun activities to do with babies in the Fall so that the entire family can have some fun.

Fun Activities to Do with Babies in the Fall

Let Them Play 

Let your little ones play in some leaves. The textures and colors will give them sensory and visual stimulation all while they’re having a good time. Of course, if your baby is a newborn they probably won’t benefit from sitting in a pile of leaves. Babies that are at least a couple of months old will love touching, feeling, and crunching all the leaves around them. It will also benefit your baby to be outside in some fresh air and dirt. This will strengthen your baby’s immune system and decrease the chance that they’ll have allergies. 

activities to do with babies, baby, Fall

Baby Crafts

There are millions of little Fall crafts that older kids will enjoy like gluing leaves, painting trees, and making Thanksgiving turkeys. What about babies? Don’t worry, they can have some fun too. No, they won’t be able to create a Thanksgiving turkey but they’ll still enjoy some painting. Finger painting is one of the best activities to do with babies. They’re too small to really create a picture but all the colors will entertain them for a long time. Put their hands in paint and make handprints and footprints on paper. They’ll love the feel of the squishy paint too. This can be messy so make sure you take the necessary precautions like laying a tarp down. Be sure to get a nontoxic paint too in case they decide to take a taste of it. 


Everyone loves a good hayride. This is a Fall favorite of older kids, but what about your little ones? Babies can still have fun at a pumpkin patch or on a hayride. Babies like movement and will love bouncing up and down on a hayride. Some activities to do with babies require a helping hand from mom or dad, and this activity is probably one of them. Hold your baby securely on your lap, and let them have fun bouncing and watch the scenery go by. 

activities to do with babies, baby, Fall

Pumpkin Patches

Give your little pumpkin their own little pumpkin to hold. They will be so interested and intrigued by the feeling and color. Chances are you’ll have a hard time getting it away from them. If the pumpkin patch also has a corn bin, let them play in that too. You know the huge thing full of corn kernels that kids spend hours in? Babies will love that! The feeling of putting your hands into all those kernels is really stimulating and babies will love it. Out of all the activities to do with babies, this one is probably the one that will entertain them the most. Just watch them carefully to make sure they don’t put an entire handful of kernels in their mouth. 

Summing Up

Activities to do with babies don’t need to be that different than what you’re already doing with your older kids. Just make a few small adjustments for your little ones and you’ll provide tons of entertainment for them. Don’t let your babies be unable to participate in the Fall fun, give them some fun too. They’ll benefit from the colors, stimulation, and overall enjoyment of the activities. Activities to do with babies are important to the baby’s development, even though it might not seem like they’re taking anything away from it. They are! 

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