Gardening Toys 101: 5 Awesome Toys for Garden Play

1 child playing with toy truck in the garden

Would you like your child to become accustomed to garden care while he or she is little? Maybe you just want a fun activity for your children to do outside, or you actually want to teach them to help out and bond with you in the process. Regardless, some awesome gardening toys will do the trick. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there, depending on what you think your child might like. Because we want to help you make a decision, here is a list of 5 gardening toys that are bound to make your child interested in gardening while playing.

Awesome Gardening Toys for Your Child

Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Wouldn’t it be nice for your child to have fun carrying around things in the garden with a shiny new wheelbarrow? This can actually be helpful for you too. Maybe you are getting rid of weeds and need someone to carry them. Try to involve your child and tell him or her how much you’d appreciate the help. You can make the activity fun for them by setting a challenge. An example would be how many times they can fill the wheelbarrow until they collect all the weeds. Here is a lovely, safe, and durable kid’s wheelbarrow that you could try.

Kid’s Gardening Watering Can

Along the same lines, teach your child how plants need water in order to have a happy live. Then, you can use your own watering can and provide your child with one made specifically for kids, and race each other. Therefore, whoever waters more plants wins. You can find kid’s watering cans online. The appeal is that they look just like a real watering can – no plastic imitations. The only difference is that the size is suitable for your child.

Kid’s Garden Shovel

If you want your child to learn how to dig using an age-appropriate tool, you might want to consider buying him or her a kid’s garden shovel. They can help you plant vegetables in the garden, or you can supervise them while they dig a hole in the backyard. Digging holes consumes a lot of energy and it can be really fun. Especially if you encourage them to maybe hid something there, like a treasure that only you know about. You can check out this colorful garden shovel on Amazon.

Kid’s Grass Mower

You can be certain your child will want to play in the garden if you have a grass mower that is only for him or her. For instance, this one promises a real engine sound, no batteries needed, moveable throttle, a gas can which you can remove, and a lot of fun for your child. Furthermore, the price is quite inexpensive, and the fun is guaranteed.

Kid’s Binoculars

If you are looking for gardening toys that are both fun and practical, a pair of binoculars might be a great idea for you. You can allow your child to run around the garden and observe flowers and insects freely. Or you can get him or her to help you out. How, you ask? Well, maybe there are small pests that you want to get rid of. Therefore, you can ask your child to spot them using the binoculars and point them out to you. You can find a pair of lovely kid’s binoculars on Amazon.

With a few of these awesome gardening toys, your children will definitely have fun in the garden, while also learning new things in the process.

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