Different Kinds of Fire Pits to Choose from for a Lot of Summer Fun

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Fire pits are a great way to have fun during the Summer. Everyone can sit outside and have a great time talking and enjoying the fire. There are so many delicious things you can cook in a fire pit too. Enjoy a great fire pit dinner or even a fire pit dessert. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are many kinds of fire pits and there are some pros and cons to each. Let’s go over the different kinds of fire pits to choose from for a lot of Summer fun. 

In-Ground Wood Burning Fire Pit

Wood burning fire pits are great because they are really cheap to set up. They’re the cheapest kind of fire pit when it comes to installation. All you really need to do is dig a hole in the ground and build a fire inside. However, if you want your fire pit to be a little more sophisticated than that there are other things you can do. Put metal lining around the hole to prevent any grass from catching on fire. Things like pavers or rocks around an inground fire pit make it look nicer and provides a bit more of a barrier around the fire. It also does a better job at preventing smaller children from getting too close to the fire. Wood is cheap to get and easy to burn. A lot of wood is even free if you just go and collect some.

Above Ground Gas Burning Fire Pit

Above ground fire pits allow everyone to be able to roast  a little easier. This is because you don’t need to bend down farther to see if what you’re cooking is done. The flame is more eye level which makes everything a little easier to see. Fire pits that use gas are more expensive than wood burning fire pits. However, there are some benefits of using gas over wood. Gas burning fire pits allow you to have a more controlled flame. There are usually knobs that let you control how big the flame is. There is also no need to start a fire with gas burning fire pits, simply ignite the fire with a push of a button. Starting a fire is quick and easy with a gas burning fire pit. Gas fire pits have a lot less smoke than wood burning fire pits too.

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Different Kinds of Above Ground Gas Burning Fire Pits

There are different kinds of gas fire pits that you can choose from that have different looks and features.

Fire Tables

Gas fire tables are a fun way to have a fire. They have great looks and are multifunctional. Basically, they’re a table with a fire pit in the middle of them. They can have artificial logs in the center, or even fire glass. Fire glass sparkles and looks awesome with a fire burning through it. Fire tables are totally functional as tables too. Everyone can set their meals or drinks on the table which makes eating a whole lot easier. However, it’s pretty tough to do any meal cooking in a gas burning fire table. Fire tables are more for ambiance, decoration, and relaxation. Although, you can still cook some marshmallows on them. 

Fire and Water Fire Pits

These gas burning fire pits have a water feature inside them for an amazing focal point in your backyard. These kinds of fire pits are mostly installed for their look and feel, rather than their functionality. The water feature trickles around the dancing fire in the middle, which captivates anyone who looks at it. It’s definitely something that will catch people’s attention. This fire pit will make a statement in your backyard.

Summing Up

Fire pits make spending time outside fun and playful. Everyone will love staying warm by the fire and enjoying its relaxing glow. Use this guide to help you decide which kind of fire pit is the best fit for you and your family. Before you know it, you’ll all be roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, or simply enjoying one another’s company by the captivating flames.

Image Source: Pixabay

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