5 Garden Activities for Children Parties

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Is your child’s birthday party coming up? You know you want to surprise him or her with a party in the garden. But what activities should you prepare for the children? The good news is that there are a lot of creative garden activities that can entertain the children and make sure your child has an amazing birthday party. Even if you’re not celebrating a birthday, these activities work at any kind of children party. So let’s take a look at 5 of these garden activities that you can organize.

garden activities for children parties

Plant the Seed

This fun and easy to prepare garden activity involves you giving each child 20 seeds or beans. After that, put a contained of water in front of them. The purpose of the game is to get as many seeds or beans in the water container as possible. You can change the level of difficulty by placing the container far away from them, or by finding a container with a narrow opening.

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Decorate a Flower Pot

If you are looking for garden activities for children parties that stimulate their creativity, you are going to like this one. Purchase some blank flower pots, they are not very expensive, and give each child one. Then give them supplies such as brushes, craft paint, stickers, and all sorts of colorful art supplies, and allow them to get creative and decorate their own flower pot. As an extra tip, you can also take the activity further and let them plant their own flower in the pot. They can even take it home as a souvenir from the party.

Active Garden Activities: Watering Can Race

If you want garden activities that keep the children moving, you can try the watering can race. What you have to prepare for this activity are two small plastic watering cans, two empty containers, and two buckets filled with water. Then, divide the children into two teams. What they have to do is fill up the watering can from the bucket and then race to the container and empty it. Once the first member of the team has done that, he has to quickly come back and give the empty watering can to the next teammate who has to repeat the action. The game ends when one of the teams has managed to empty all of the water from the bucket.

Garden Treasure Hunt

Another activity that keeps the children active is a treasure hunt. And it is also really fun for them. What you have to do is hide small treats such as fruits or candy all around the garden, and let them look for them. There are no winners or losers in this game, everyone will get some delicious treats at the end.

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Busy Bees

For this garden activity you will need to prepare a little bit beforehand. You have to paint some cotton balls yellow, draw black stripes on them, and stick some googly eyes. Then, divide them among the children and place some pots filled with treats in front of them. Ask them to take turns throwing the bees into the containers. Whoever gets one bee in there can choose one treat that they like. Fun and delicious!

These are only a few garden games that you can organize at children parties. However, they are some of the most entertaining ones. Follow our advice and offer your child a great party!

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