A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt: Why You Should Let Your Kids Get Dirty

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As a mother, I hate messes. It seems like every time you clean something up, your child is right behind you tearing things up again. My baby needs to constantly be bathed in order to remain semi-clean. Toddlers are always touching and tasting to discover the world around them and as mothers, we tend to cringe at the things they decide to taste or touch. Eating dog food and dirt isn’t exactly a specialty. However, there is evidence to show that getting dirty and letting your kids play in the dirt will benefit them. Here’s why you should let your kids get dirty.

Dirt Improves Overall Health

Over sterilizing our children’s environments actually does more harm than good. Children that are never exposed to germs are actually sicker because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off harmful bacteria. Dirt on your child’s hands and face will actually stimulate their immune system and it’ll become stronger. Let your child dig for worms, jump in puddles, and make mud pies. It might mean more cleaning for you, but it’ll benefit your kids in the long run. In fact, kids that have more exposure to germs have fewer allergies, less asthma, and less eczema.

Increases Imagination and Active Play

Being outside is a good thing. Kids stay inside and play on their phones these days. What happened to climbing trees, fighting with sticks, and making potions? Outdoor active play will help encourage your children to use their imaginations to have a good time. That way they won’t be completely bored when they don’t have a cell phone. They’ll be able to make their own fun! Active play will also reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity. Children that are active and running around outside are far less likely to become overweight or obese.

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Playing With Dirt Relieves Stress 

Getting dirty relieves stress! Children can get stressed by everyday life. Allowing them to get dirty and have some freedom will reduce the stress that they might feel from school or developmental changes. Playing with dirt helps kids to feel, see, and smell the world around them. They are able to experience the environment that surrounds them every day. This helps children to feel happier and to have less anxiety.

Dirt Helps Kids Develop a Close Relationship with Nature

Playing in the dirt will help kids learn and appreciate nature. Let kids learn how to plant and weed. They’ll gain an appreciation for things that grow and learn to love plants. There are lots of gardening books for kids that will help them learn all about seeds and pollination too.

Summing Up

Let your kids get dirty and you’ll see what an impact it can have in their life. They’ll have more fun, less stress and anxiety, a stronger immune system, and possibly fewer allergies and less eczema. Your kids will develop a strong appreciation for nature and use their imaginations for active play. They will also get more exercise and be more full of life. What a fun time to be a kid!

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