Build a Baseball Diamond in Your Own Backyard

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Baseball has become a Summer tradition for American families. You take all of your kids to the game and everyone gets hot dogs and popcorn. Everyone has fun chanting and sitting under the stadium lights while the sun sets. Watching baseball is a perfect way to spend a Summer day. If you’re a big baseball fan, you’ll love having your own baseball diamond. You can host little league games there, have the neighborhood kids over for some fun, or just let your kids practice with it. Here’s how to build a baseball diamond in your own backyard.

How to Build a Baseball Diamond

Find Some Land

In order for you to build a baseball diamond you have to have an open field. The size of the field depends on how big you want your baseball diamond to be. If you want the baseball diamond to be the size of professional baseball fields, you’re going to have to find a pretty big field. If you just want a baseball diamond for some fun, it can be significantly smaller. For children, an appropriate size would be anywhere from 50-75 feet between bases. Find a piece of land that will suit your needs and get started!

Taking Care of Your Diamond

The piece of land you picked out should be pretty flat. Flatten out your land if it needs to be so that it’s easier to play on. You should also remove any large rocks that are in the way or could injure someone. Your diamond needs to be able to drain well. You don’t want your entire diamond to be a pool of water when the rain comes. The diamond doesn’t need to look perfect unless you want it to. Maybe your kids are just find playing on a diamond that just has dirt! However, if you want to make your field have lots of green grass it’ll take dedication. You should water your grass consistently and keep it mowed.

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Setting Up the Plates

All the plates need to be exactly the same distance apart from each other. First, you need to decide where your home plate is going to go. Once you have decided where home plate is, decide how far you want apart you want your bases. Use a tape measure and measure 1st base from home plate, then do the same from home plate to 3rd base. If you want to have a perfect diamond, you’ll need to use geometry. The 2nd base needs to be the same distance from 1st and 3rd base, but it also needs to be far enough away from the home plate. To figure out how far the 2nd base should be from the home plate, you need to use the pythagorean theory. After you crunch some numbers, you’ll have a perfect diamond.

Building a Border

You’ll need to have a border around your field. That way you’ll be able to have some home runs! You can’t have a home run without a border! A fence works the best for this purpose. If you have a small field, this will be a lot easier to do. A big field requires a lot more fencing that will take a lot longer to finish.

Summing Up

Baseball is such a fun sport to watch and it has become a fun tradition for all of America. If you want to bring some of that tradition to your own backyard, you can build a baseball diamond. Kids from all around will come to play on it. You’ll be the talk of the town. You can even make a little snack shack to serve treats from. So buy some peanuts and cracker jacks, it’s time to play ball!

Image Source: Pixabay

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