11 Gorgeous Kids Wellies for Gardening and Beyond

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If you want to teach your children to help you out in the garden, then you should buy them the proper equipment. Especially in the fall, when the weather is quite unpredictable, one of the most important things your children should have is a pair of Wellington boots. These boots, also called wellies, are waterproof and perfect for outdoor wear. They protect children from puddles and mud, which means that they can easily use them for gardening activities. Today, we’re going to focus on 11 great kids wellies that you should think about purchasing for your child.

11 Kids Wellies to Protect Your Child in the Garden and Beyond

1. Wellingtons Waterproof Muck Boots

If you’re looking for a simple kids wellies design, then you might want to take a look at this one. You can find these boots on Amazon, and they come in a variety of colors to suit every taste. Does your child prefer pink? Or would he/she much rather wear red? No matter the color you choose, these boots are made entirely of resistant rubber, including a rubber sole, and they have a really nice matte finish. The lining dries really fast, they are waterproof, and they also come with two useful handles, one on each side. That way, your child can put them on and take them off without too much of an effort.

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2. Georgia Boot Wellington Youth

You will be happy to know that you can also find kids wellies made out of leather. So if you’re looking for the same sturdy construction of the typical Wellington boot, but you also want it to look more fashionable, this option is definitely the right one for you. These boots can also be worn to school or when you take your child for a walk in the park, so you don’t have to limit their use strictly to gardening activities. However, they are great for gardening as well, since they have a bumper guard made of rubber. The stitching is really resistant and the inside of the boot is designed to absorb shock. If all of these things sound appealing, you can purchase a pair right now on Amazon.

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3. Despicable Me Minions Kids Rain Boots

Is your child a fan of the “Despicable Me” and “Minions” movies? Then he or she will be really excited to wear these kids wellies around the garden. They have a lovely yellow color and they are made entirely of rubber. They also come with handles to make putting them on and taking them off easy for children of all ages. Moreover, they are waterproof, and you can easily remove the insoles. The manufacturers made the rubber skid resistant, so you can trust that your child will be able to enjoy these boots for a long time. For your convenience, we should mention that they are easy to clean. For your child’s enjoyment, we must say that they come with minion details all over the shaft. Buy them from Amazon for only $24.99.

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4. Kids Wellies Boots Modern Design

Another really great pair of kids wellies, this one is perfect for winter, since it comes with a really thick removable lining. So your children can simply wear them as they are in winter, and then remove the lining for spring or fall. The boots are made of rubber and have a really sturdy sole. They have a modern design, featuring bright colorful flowers. Plus, they are cadmium and nickel free. So you don’t have to be worried that you’re exposing your child to any chemicals if you purchase these boots. Moreover, they enjoy the Direct Injection technology which makes them weatherproof and resistant to any kind of damage. If you are interested in these boots, you can find them on Amazon.

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5. Rocky Kid’s Aztec Wellington Boots

Another type of kids wellies that can be worn more than just in the garden, these ones are also made of leather and they have a really interesting Aztec print on the shaft. However, the sole is made of resistant rubber. So your child can walk through puddles and mud and not fear that his or her feet will get wet or dirty. They are indeed pricier than the typical rubber Wellington boots, namely at least $59.95 on Amazon, but they are an investment worth making since your child can wear them everywhere and they perfectly balance fashion and utility.

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6. Hunter Original Kids Glitter Wellington Boots

If your child is drawn to glittery pieces of clothing and footwear, then he or she is going to enjoy these kids wellies. They are bright fuchsia and they have a glitter finish, so they look really fashionable. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not extremely resistant as well. In fact, they have a rather tall sole, which will protect your child from puddles and mud. Even though they might seem expensive for a pair of kids wellies ($64.05 – $74.00 on Amazon), you should take into account that they are a Hunter original, which guarantees that they are high-quality and will last for a long period of time.

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7. StormWells Kids Junior Wellingtons

Are you looking for taller kids wellies? Then you might want to take a look at these ones that you can buy on Amazon starting at $21.95. They come in two shades, black and green, and they are made almost entirely of PVC. The PVC soles are what make the boots so resistant, while the synthetic insole makes them comfortable as well. As the name suggests, these boots are perfect for your child to wear when it rains, guaranteeing that no water will reach his or her feet.

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8. Firefighter Style Rain Boots

Does your child want to be a firefighter when he or she grows up? Why not encourage that passion by buying him or her some firefighter style Wellington boots? You can find them on Amazon for $24.99 up to $29.99, and they are made entirely of rubber, including the two handles that make it easier for your child to put them on and take them off. They are both waterproof and skid resistant, and you can easily remove the insole in order to clean it. Of course, the most appealing feature is the fact that they have some really awesome firefighter graphics.

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9. Lacrosse Wellington Hunting Boots

Perhaps one of the most elegant designs out of all that we’ve mentioned up until now, this one coming from Lacrosse is bound to make your child look fashionable in any situation. Most of the boot is made of leather, but the sole and the shaft are made of rubber. This guarantees a durable structure. Even if the design includes some rubber parts, the overall look of the wellies is really elegant. So you don’t have to limit their use only to garden activities. You can find this model on Amazon, starting at $79.95.

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10. Buffalo Wellington Western Boot

Another option that can be worn both in the garden and on other occasions, this one imitates the Western cowboy vibe to the letter. So if you know that your child is passionate about cowboy-themed items of clothing and footwear, you might want to consider purchasing these wellies. The sole is made of rubber, the stitching is really strong and durable, and the boots’ round shape ensures a comfortable foot position. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this model is the fact that the shaft is made of orange leather. Not only that, but the leather is stitched to form a cool flame print. If you are already thinking about how excited your child is going to be when he or she sees these boots, then go ahead and purchase them from Amazon.

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11. Kids Frog Rainboots

Finally, the last kids wellies option we’re going to talk about today is this adorable frog-resembling one. As expected, it comes in bright green, and the toes look life actual frogs. This is guaranteed to be a fun type of footwear for your child. It might even increase the chances of him or her helping you out in the garden. The boots are made entirely of natural rubber, have a warm cotton lining, and a non-slip sole. You can snag them on Amazon starting at $13.75.

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Summing It All Up

Whether you are looking for a pair of durable kids wellies to protect your child from dirt and puddles when he or she spends time in the garden, or you’re simply on the lookout for some fashionable and resistant boots for fall and winter, we hope our list has managed to satisfy all your desires and requirements. The great thing about kids wellies is that they are not only functional. Manufacturers pay a lot of attention to how they design them in order to attract a large number of children. So no matter what your child is a fan of, you will probably manage to find a pair of kids wellies that go along those lines.

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