5 Gardening Jobs You Can Work on This Winter to Get Ready for Spring

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In the cold of winter the last thing most people are thinking about are their duties in the garden. However for most gardeners, their work in the garden is never finished. Even in the middle of winter there are plenty of gardening jobs you can be working on to get your garden ready for the spring. We have compiled a list of 5 gardening jobs you can still work on this winter.

Keep Your Eye on Stored Fruits and Vegetables

Many gardeners harvest fruits and vegetables during their peak and store them during the cold winter months. With a little work you can properly store apples, pumpkins, beets, potatoes, onions, and carrots. However, each crop has different storage requirements. They are commonly stored in freezers, fridges, or root cellars. While many crops can be stored all winter long, some fruits and vegetables can only be stored for a month or two before going bad. Make a habit of checking on your stored fruits and vegetables as part of your winter gardening jobs. This will insure you can use them before they expire and they won’t go to waste.

Protect Your Flower Garden While Removing Snow

While a snow storm may make you feel like cuddling up under a blanket with a good book, don’t forget to trek outside to your garden after a snowstorm. There are plenty of gardening jobs to be done in the yard after a snow storm. You should carefully remove snow from your walkways as soon as possible. Always be careful when removing snow after a snow storm. Because if you are not careful you can hurt your back or your garden. You want to avoid damaging your flower beds by accidentally shoveling or snow blowing over them.  Carefully mark the edges of the walkways near flower gardens so you do not over extend your snow removal. This will also help you avoid dumping your shoveled snow on top of shrubs or gardens that may be buried beneath the snow.

Keep Your Trees Free From Snow

Another gardening job that shouldn’t be forgotten is knocking all the snow off of the branches of fruit and shade trees. The weight of the snow could break off branches leaving your tree misshapen and exposed to diseases. If you know a snowstorm is coming, walk outside and do a quick spot check for weak branches. If you have newer fruit trees they may need to be secured with a stake so they do not bend or snap under the weight of the snow. Remove any dead branches so they do not break off and damage healthy branches of the tree. Even your conifer trees and hedges will need to be tended too after a snow storm.

Put Out Bird Feeders

A quick and easy gardening job to work on during the winter months is to feed the birds. You can set out bird feeders during the winter. You can make your own bird feeder or purchase one at your local gardening center. If you keep your bird feeder well stocked during the winter months it will encourage birds to feed in your yard during the summer months. Which is a win/win for most gardeners. Not only do you get to see local wildlife, but those birds will eat the pests that plague your garden during the summer.

Plan Your Spring Gardening Jobs

Another important gardening job is to plan out your spring garden. You may need to build new flower beds or plant new trees this spring. Knowing what you need to build and when to plant your garden is important. If you are planting a vegetable garden you will need to make sure you have enough room for all the crops you want to plant. This is especially important if you are square foot gardening. Whether you need to design a flower bed, or plan out your vegetable garden, these winter months are prime time to draw out and design your dream garden. This is also a good time to order your heirloom seeds or fruit trees so they arrive in enough time to plant in the spring.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of gardening jobs you can be working on during the winter. You will be so glad you did the preparation work during the winter, so you can hit the ground running this spring. As we said before, a gardener’s work is never truly finished.

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