Use a Metal Detector with Kids for Treasure Hunting Games


This great hobby benefits from a series of valuable aspects. First of all, this is great for anyone who wishes to know more about history. Using a metal detector to dig up ancient relics might prove to be a fun thing to do at any age. Next up on the list is an active lifestyle. Searching for buried treasures makes you get up from the couch with a happy heart. After all, treasure is the key word, right? Discipline, meeting new people and traveling to distant places come only natural if you own or at least think about getting a metal detector.

Since it’s all about adventure, let’s explore some of the most common places and techniques that hold great value in your search for treasure.

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1. Backyard Treasure Hunting

The first step towards treasure hunting with a metal detector should be in your garden or backyard. Searching for riches together with your kid can prove to be a fun as well as an educational experience altogether. First of all, you are going to need a metal detector. Next thing you know, you’re all set in order to go out and explore. Scan the ground and find old coins, bullet shells or all kind of interesting things!

2. Beach Hunting

Another great spot to start looking for hidden treasures is the beach. However, this can prove to be a tricky spot. Metal detectors are also able to pick up on sand clusters that contain a high concentration of salt water. The average metal detector benefits from a function that can solve this problem for you. Just set the eliminator control to eliminate detection of iron in unwanted targets and you’re good to go! The most usual places to find treasures are the game areas, the parking lot or the sandy wall of the coastline.

3. Mine Entrances

You will be surprised to find just out how many people used to bury their valuables and where. Many of them were burying large amounts of coins with the purpose of retrieving them later. Others offered them to gods as sacrifice. No matter the case, everywhere around the world there are plenty of sites that have large concentrations of coins hidden beneath the surface. Be sure to check natural cultural landmarks, mine entrances, crop fields or even the walls of old buildings. You may be surprised by what you are going to find there.

4. Supplies

If you decide to take on treasure hunting and also bring your kid into the mix, there are some materials you are going to need. First of all, and most important, you will need a metal detector to scan for targets. Next, invest in a pair of headphones. This will help you pick up even the faintest signals. Least, but not last, bring a small shovel with you to dig up the findings. After all, going on an adventure means you have to be properly equipped for the task at hand.

5. Treasure Hunting Tips

When it comes to any kind of treasure hunt, research is everything. Hence, look up the best locations for possible hidden treasures. This will help you out a lot and you will not waste time in your search for riches. High activity areas, old grounds and the beach are just a few examples which you can use to get started. If you are going to spend some time out in the open, make sure to pack some snacks and water. When you feel the need, you can stop and enjoy a break together with your kid.

Treasure hunting is a fascinating hobby that puts together a series of fun activities and can prove to be highly educational. Spending some quality time with your children this way will surely benefit them in the long run. All in all, after you end your day, make sure to store the metal detector somewhere safe and at hand. You will definitely need it soon when the little ones will come asking to go on more adventures!

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