Beyond the Essentials: What to Pack for a Better Hiking Experience

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Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise. Knowing what to pack is essential for a hiking trip to be a success. Hopefully you’d never forget essential things like water and food. There are also some items that may not be on the top of your priority list that would make your hiking trip much easier. These non-essential items aren’t needed, but would benefit you greatly on a hiking trip. Here are some non-essential items to pack for a better hiking experience.

Items to Bring for a Great Hiking Experience


When you’re hiking, you are exposed to the elements. These elements can really dry your lips out and cause them to crack. You definitely wouldn’t die without chapstick, but having cracked lips is never ideal. Having chapstick will let you be able to enjoy your hiking experience more because you won’t be concentrated on how bad your lips hurt. Many chapsticks also have SPF in them so your lips won’t get sunburned. Getting sunburned lips is very painful.

Bug Spray

Again, not essential but it would be miserable without it. There are so many mosquitoes and bugs that love human blood. Without bug spray they’ll eat you up! You could be covered head to toe in bug bites. You’d be one itchy, scratchy mess. Bug spray will keep the mosquitoes away and provide you with some peace without having to constantly swat the mosquitoes away. As far as non-essentials go, this should be at the top of the priority list.

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Sunglasses are often overlooked when people are packing for a hiking trip. Sunscreen is an item that is hardly ever forgotten because it’s so important. Sunglasses are also important. When you’re in the sun for an extended amount of time, your eyes can get damaged. Wearing sunglasses will prevent prolonged UV exposure to your eyes. You won’t have to squint when it gets bright outside, and as an added bonus they look great!


Hiking is rough on your feet, especially if you’re going on a trip for an extended amount of time. If your shoes are new, or don’t fit exactly right, it can result in a lot of blisters. These blisters can grow and grow until they pop, which is extremely painful. Having blisters makes it very difficult to enjoy a hike. Moleskin protects against blisters and provides a barrier for blisters that have already formed. You cut a piece to the size you need it and stick it on the blister. Your shoe will rub on the Moleskin instead of your skin.


Bandanas can serve many purposes and are very useful on hikes. You can put one around your neck to prevent sunburns and bug bites. If you’re in trouble you can tie one to the end of a stick to signal for help. You can get a bandana wet and tie it around your neck to keep you cool. If someone gets injured you can use it as a tourniquet or bandage. They can serve an abundance of purposes. They are great for hiking because you can use one for just about anything.

Summing Up

The essential packing items are very important. You wouldn’t want to be hiking without food, water, or extra clothing. The non-essential items are also important. If you want to really enjoy your hiking experience and not just get it done, these items will help with that. These items will help you be more comfortable so you’ll have a memorable hiking experience. You’ll remember how much you enjoyed your trip, rather than how much your blisters hurt. Try packing these items next time you go on a hiking trip and see if they can make a difference for you.

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