5 Tips to Help You Have the Best Picnic Date for Two

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Summer is getting closer and closer with each passing day. You know what that means. The kids will be out of school. When the kids get out of school it might be hard to spend some quality time with your significant other. During the Summer, parents are constantly trying to keep their kids entertained. Try to make some time to spend some quality time with your significant other by leaving the kids at home while you two go on a date. Nothing says a good Summer date like a picnic. Here are 5 tips to have the best picnic date for two.

Bring a Basket

This is as classic as it gets because it is so retro. Think about the 50’s picnics with homemade dinners in a basket. Doesn’t that sound fun? Get a cute picnic basket that you can carry and unpack once you get to your destination. Use a basket instead of a plastic Walmart sack. This will create a more romantic feel because it’s a little more fancy.

Bring a Cooler

Sometimes in the Summer all you want is a nice, cold drink. Bring a cooler so you can have some refreshing lemonade. Make sure your cooler has lots of ice and lots of room. You want your cooler to have plenty of drinks since it’s usually so hot. If part of your dinner needs to be chilled, make sure there’s room for that too.

Use Actual Dishes

Again, this makes a more romantic feel. Yes, plastic and paper make for an easier clean up. But actual dishes make a beautiful setting. Bring fancy napkins and glass cups. Bring forks, spoons, and knives. The two of you will have such a great time making toasts and clinking your glasses together. You can’t clink if there’s no glass.

the best picnic date for two

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Decorate Your Picnic Area

Bring flowers in a vase or your favorite blanket to sit on. This will make everything feel cozier and more intimate. You can hunt for wildflowers together or bring some with you. Make sure you bring a comfortable blanket because you’re going to be sitting on it the whole time you’re eating. You don’t want a scratchy blanket. After you’re done eating, maybe the two of you want to stargaze and use the blanket to keep warm.

Bring Music

It might be fun to play some old music from your glory days and reminisce. Or maybe you want to play classical to make your picnic feel elegant and refined. Set the mood with music that you like listening to. Music can make all the difference for your picnic. If your song happens to come on, make some time for a slow dance in the grass.

Summing Up

Summers can be extremely busy for parents. Months might go by before you realize how long it has been since you went on a date with your loved one. Try these tips to make a memorable, fun, and romantic picnic date. You’ll love looking back on the Summer when you went on a classic date. These 5 tips to have the best picnic date for two are guaranteed to create a date you’ll remember forever.

Image Source: Pixabay

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